Saturday, April 6, 2019

Arts Evening 2019 Olde Towne Slidell

The 2019 Arts Evening in Olde Towne Slidell was held on Saturday, April 6, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.  It was the 25th annual evening of art, music, and Slidell business community with a wide range of styles, fun, and food. 

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The Artists

Duffy Austin, above, is an artist who specializes in paintings of New Orleans Jazz musicians and other things he is involved with. Born and raised in the Crescent City, he also has musician and actor credentials, having been in a number of movies. He's been painting and drawing since a child, playing music most of his life, and getting movie parts over the past nine or ten years. He has some of his work in galleries and one museum, the Donald Harrison Sr. Museum in New Orleans. "He's a legendary Mardi Gras Indian, and his son is a world-class musician," he explains. "I know most of these people personally," he says, pointing to the variety of well-known music scene personalities.

Photographer Cheryl Harrison of Cajngypsy Photography
She and her husband John take sunset cruises down Bayou Bon Fouca and other waterways to the lake, where she takes some of her most beautiful photographs. She specializes in pictures of pelicans, and she has come to appreciate their individual personalities. 

Photographer Cole Frechou is an award-winning, 17-year-old photographer based in New Orleans, a location which has given him the unique opportunity to photograph a wide range of different genre including landscapes, wildlife, Nature, cityscapes, and the interesting people who live there. 

Scupltor Alex O'Lear  makes sturdy metal-frame tables, and then attaches leaves on limbs made of metal. She has been doing this style of "blacksmithing" for about a year, and has even built a few bamboo-accented electric lamps, which she wired herself.  As a student of New Orleans Center of Creative Arts, she always enjoyed creating sculptures, and to improve her metal working skills she worked as an intern with a shop in New Orleans. The artwork involves welding and flame torching, she says, and a lot of hammering. "Mostly hammering," she adds. The emphasis on building tables makes this art useful and practical, and adding "gold leaf" to the metal leaves definitely adds a highlight to the artwork.

Artist Coco Capdepon is a self taught artist and illustrator who specializes in fluid abstract art inspired by the flow of water and the rich colors and textures of nature. Using a special resin process, she does abstracts but also produces art portraying horses and regional Louisiana icons that display a color and texture that are unique.

The Art

Lamps by Joe P. Young
custom designed and built pottery, lighting and kitchen ware

Two of the artists set up an exhibit inside the Slidell Museum

Never Alone Poster Project

A special exhibit of work done by the Talented Art Students of the St. Tammany Parish Public School System focused on the topic of "Never Alone," a teen suicide awareness and prevention program. The poster project was a competition won by Daisy Schoepflin of Mandeville High School. CLICK HERE FOR INFO.

"Never Alone: United in Suicide Awareness" is a project of the Leadership Northshore Community that is designed to raise suicide awareness and support the St. Tammany Outreach for the Prevention of Suicide. One thousand copies of the winning poster will be printed up and displayed in public buildings throughout St. Tammany Parish.

Pottery made by Kelly Landrum-Hammell and her students were among the interesting items on display. 

The Music

The Shuttle Craft


The Balloons

 The Food