Friday, May 26, 2023

Mandeville Trailhead Doubloon

 Here's a souvenir doubloon from the dedication of the Mandeville Trailhead and Cultural Interpretive Center, held on Feb. 28, 2000, some 23 years ago.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Dutz's Garage - Mandeville

 Here are some newspaper articles and advertisements over the years telling about Dutz's Garage in Mandeville. Click on the images to make them larger and more readable.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Card Games A Popular Activity

 Someone mentioned on Facebook that their relatives enjoyed playing card games 50 years ago in the Covington area, so I looked up "card games" in the past issues of the St. Tammany Farmer newspaper. It seems that there were plenty of card games being played, of every description and in every location. Not only that, but they were regularly written up with articles in the paper. 

Here are a few of them:

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Friday, May 19, 2023

First Year In Business: A List

 In 1977 and 1979 the News Banner newspaper published advertisements that listed the years that many area businesses first opened their doors. Here is that list:

1846 Smith Pro Hardware 228 N. Columbia, Covington
1885 Bechac's Restaurant, 2025 Lakeshore Dr., Mandeville
1900 McKee's Nursery

1906 Robert L. Aubert Co. Inc.
1907 Alexius Brothers Hardware

1911 Marsolan Feed and Seed, 314 East Gibson, Covington
1917 Norman Haik 307 N. Columbia, Covington
1920 Burns Furniture, Covington
1922 Chitters Garage, 506 Lafitte St, Mandeville
1925 Keller's Service Station, Lacombe
1926 Smith Chevrolet, Covington

1932 Dutz's Garage, 2050 Florida, Mandeville

1937 Barkers General Merchandise, Lee Road
1936 Holden's Service Centers, Covington
1939 Covington Motors Inc. 306 East Lockwood, Covington
1943 Nick's Sign Shop, Covington
1944 Trapani Electric
1944 Parish Typewriter, 116 Easts 21st Avenue, Covington

1945 Bossier's De Mandeville
1945 Band's Food Store, 445 Lafitte, Mandeville
1945 Marquez Automotive Service Center, Mandeville
1945 Poole Lumber, Columbia St., Covington
1946 Jenkins Superette, 1926 Madison St., Mandeville
1948 Lee Road Feed Company, Barker's Corner
1948 Jenkins Lumber Co., Folsom
1949 Ogden's Photography Studio, 205 N. New Hampshire, Covington
1949 Greater Mandeville Federal Credit Union
1949 Talley Feed & Seed, Covington
1949 Himel Auto Parts, Covington

1949 Dutsch & Peters 421 N. Columbia St., Covington
1950 D. King Swimming Pool Inc., Bush, LA
1950 Abadie's Cyclery and Toys 329 N. New Hampshire, Covington
1950 Baldwin Motors 
1950 Talley’s lime/fertilizer spreading service
1951 Wind Haven Antiques, 2143 Lakeshore Dr., Mandeville
1952 The Fashion Shop, 335 N. New Hampshire, Covington
1952 Houk's TV, Electronics and Appliances, 536 N. Columbia, Covington
1953 S.M.S. Floor Covering, Mandeville
1954 Fallon Realty, 429 S. Tyler, Covington
1954 Covington Floral Shop, 427 W. 13th Ave., Covington
1954 Judy's Upholstery, Folsom Hwy.
1954 General United Life Insurance Company, 1003 S. Madison, Covington
1954 Tim Wilson Jeweler, 307 N. New Hampshire, Covington
1954 Al Smith's Plumbing and Heating, Madisonville
1954 Nat's Barber Shop, 229 N. Columbia, Covington
1955 William Band TV & Antenna Service, 1922 Livingston St., Mandeville
1955 Lemane Photography Studio, 603 South Tyler, Covington
1955 Jake's Body Shop & Wrecker Service, Covington
1957 Miley's Glass and Mirror Works, 1015 N. Columbia, Covington
1958 Glockner 66 Service Station, 1947 Florida, Mandeville
1959 Green Springs Motel, Hwy. 21, Covington
1959 Geo. W. Sales Co. (Zenith & Quasar) 615 Mandeville
1959 Ed Hall Floor Refinishing, Parker Road, Covington
1960 Gina Construction and Realty Corp. 515 Sharp Road, Mandeville
1960 Elizabeth Eanes Real Estate, 203 W. 21st Ave., Covington
1960 Lloyd Contracting Inc. Abita Springs
1962 Wayne Construction Co. Inc. 110 Cherry Laurel, Covington
1962 Boettner Insurance and Real Estate, Mandeville Hwy.
1962 G.W. Sales, 615 Lafitte, Mandeville
1962 Fisher Exterminating Co. Inc. Claiborne Hill

1962 Robert's School of Beauty Culture, Covington
1963 Land-O-Pines Campground, Million Dollar Road, Covington
1963 Kiddie Land Day Care, 229 W. 22nd Avenue, Covington
1963 The Carriage House, 210 N. Florida, Covington
1963 Charlers Jewels and Gifts,Claiborne Hill
1963 Claiborne Hill IGA Supermarket
1964 Wymer's Grocery, Lee Road, Covington
1964 Cordes Real Estate, 350 N. Causeway, Mandeville
1964 Larry's Hardware, 720 N. Columbia, Covington
1964 Plaza Shell, Bogue Falaya Mall
1964 B & B Drive In, Barker's Corner
1964 Morgan Office Products, 501 N. Columbia, Covington
1964 Mandeville Bantam Newspaper
1965 Nick's Drive In, Mandeville Hwy.
1965 Pat's Seafood Delicatessen and Food Mart, Mandeville Highway
1965 Senac Rexall, Hwy. 190, Mandeville
1965 Carol's Corner Bookstore, 328 East Lockwood, , Covington
1966 Cordell Furniture, 419 East Boston St., Covington
1966 Covington Blueprint & Supply, 615 W. 13th Ave., Covington
1966 One Hour Cleaners, 1815 Causeway Blvd. Mandeville
1966 Covington Equipment Co. Inc. 
1967 Legendre Ford 1943 N. Causeway, Mandeville
1967 Fandal Air Conditioning Service, 435 Marigny Ave., Mandeville
1967 World of Sports, 236 N. Columbia, Covington
1968 Tom Burns Real Estate 729 e. Boston St., Covington
1968 Ed Haber Heating and Air, Collins Blvd., Covington
1969 Montgomery Ward Bogue Falaya Plaza, Covington
1970 Jefferson Avenue Exxon, 104 West 21st Avenue, Covington
1970 Kathy's Hallmark Shoppe, 2211 Florida in Mandeville
1970 Wagner & Truax, 1461 N. Causeway, Mandeville

1970 The Armoire, 218 N. Lee Road, Covington
1970 Gertrude Gardner Inc., 1819 N. Causeway, Mandeville
1970 Marcus Mapes Jefferson Exxon, 104 West 21st Avenue, Covington
1971 North Shore Yacht Sales Inc.,Mariners Village Mandeville
1971 Serendipity Gift Shoppe, 146 Lafitte, Mandeville
1971 Century 21 Hill Realty Company, Mandeville Hwy., Covington
1971 Family Casuals, 315 N. Columbia, Covington
1971 Accardo Trucking and Dozer, Waldheim
1971 Adrienne's Wigs and Casual Wear, 519 Boston, Covington
1971 Carter Mobile Homes Inc., Folsom Hwy., Covington
1971 Bruhn Jewelers, Bogue Falaya Plaza, Covington
1971 The Dutchman Restaurant 509 S. Tyler, Covington
1971 Claiborne Hill Tire Center
1971 Photo Sonics, Claiborne Hill
1971 Noel Maestri Carpet, 336 East Boston, Covington
1972 Glockner's Air Conditioning and Heating Service, 1732 Dupard St. Mandeville
1972 Mr. B's Camper Sales, Service and Supplies, Mandeville
1972 Danny Fried Chicken, of Covington
1972 Magee Finance Service, Hwy. 190, Mandeville
1972 JD's Seafood, Claiborne Hill
1973 Muller Value Drugs, Lacombe
1973 Abita Portable Buildings, Hwy.36, Abita Springs
1973 Soundtrak, Bogue Falaya Plaza, Covington
1973 Northlake Cycles 213 East Lockwood, Covington
1973 The Past Restored, Covington
1973 Bay of Fashion Hwy 190 Mandeville
1973 Sign Services Co., Mandeville Hwy. Covington
1973 Style Setters, 201 N. New Hampshire, Covington
1973 Kraft Antiques Hospital, Ponchatoula Hwy., Madisonville

1973 Docar Truck Sales, Parts & Equipment, Collins Blvd. Covington
1973 Orleans Jewelers, 2355 Florida Ave., Mandeville
1973 Althea M. Wildgen Real Estate 2142 Monroe, Mandeville
1973 United Auto Supply, Hwy. 190, Covington.
1973 Ostarly Inc. Plumbing Contractor, Hwy. 190, Mandeville
1973 Ozone Motel, Hwy. 190, Mandeville
1973 Jefferson House Antiques, 619 S. Jefferson Avenue, Covington
1973 Claiborne Hill Tire Center
1974 The Strip Joint, 410 N. Jefferson, Covington
1974 The Marble Quarry, Hwy. 190, Mandeville
1974 Little Red School House, 216 W. 25th Ave., Covington
1974 Mandeville Texaco, Florida St.
1974 Summerod Cottage Antiques, Lakeshore at Lafitte, Mandeville
1974 Knight's Shoreline Service Center, Mandeville

1974 Kut & Kurl Beauty Salon, 328 N. Columbia, Covington
1974 The Edwards Agency, 310 N. Columbia, Covington
1974 Otasco Home & Auto Supply, Bogue Falaya Plaza
1974 Pontchartrain Lighting & Electric Supply, 3940 Florida, Mandeville
1974 Pinecrest Memorial Gardens, Hammond Hwy. Covington
1975 Glen Nave Heating & Air Conditioning, Folsom Road, Folsom
1975 Lagniappe Gallery, 222 N. Lee Road, Covington
1975 Hair Styles Inc., 116 S. Jefferson Ave. Covington
1975 Bayou Lacombe Handy Mart Inc., Lacombe
1975 Foxhole Army Surplus, 405 N. Columbia, Covington
1975 Eileen's Expressions Hallmark, Bogue Falaya Plaza
1975 State Farm- Bud Gregg, Hwy. 190, Mandeville
1975 Marion Fontenot School of Dancing, 836 Gerard St., Mandeville

1975 V & W Self Service 706 E. Boston, Covington
1975 Joe's Appliance Clinic, Lacombe
1975 Pat's Exxon Service Center, Hwy. 190, Mandeville
1975 Covington Sewing Center, 432 Columbia Street, Covington
1975 Rip's Seafood Restaurant, Mandeville
1975 Granny's Kitchen, 208 N. Lee Road, Covington
1975 Toggery Shop, Bogue Falaya Mall, Covington
1975 Edward Moore Construction, Mariners Village, Mandeville
1976 First Credit Plan, Hwy. 190 Mandeville
1976 Red Barn Barbecue, Claiborne Hill
1976 Fat Tom's Records and Tapes, 310 East Boston, Covington
1976 Picture This, 324 East Boston., Covington
1976 Wholesale Electric, Hwy. 190 Covington
1976 The Clothes Closet, 817 West 21st Avenue, Covington
1976 Jacob's Ladder, Mariners Village, Mandeville
1976 Vera's Day Care Center, Hwy. 25, Folsom
1976 O'Keefe Tire and Auto Service, 2350 Florida, Mandeville
1976 Shoe String Inc. 1705 Causeway Place Mandeville
1976 Small World, 1817 N. Causeway, Mandeville
1976 Village Shoppe, Hwy. 25, Folsom
1976 Miller's Piano & Lowrey Organ Mart, Bogue Falaya Plaza
1976 Le Chateau Gerard Cocktail Lounge, 127 Gerard, Mandeville
1976 A-1 Radiator Service, 1117 Polk, Covington
1976 Al's Green Thumb Nursery & Gifts, 2142 Monroe, Mandeville
1976 1st Credit Plan, 2215 Florida St., Mandeville
1976 Covington Mobile Homes & Supply, Folsom Hwy. 
1976 J&J Construction Co. Abita Road, Covington 
1977 The Bookworm, 2012 Jefferson, Mandeville
1977 Brunning Lighting and Supply, Mandeville Hwy.
1977 Auto Painting by George, Jefferson at 25th Avenue
1976 Emile Navarre Photography, 820 Marigny Ave.Mandeville
1977 Aucoin's Paintings, Antiques & Collectibles, 424 Gerard, Mandeville
1977 Marti Builders, Lowe David Rd., Covington
1977 Pizza Hut, Hwy. 190, Covington
1977 Lacombe Auto Parts, Lacombe
1977 Wine & Whey, 1719 Causeway, Mandeville
1977 Treasures Unlimited, 2626 Florida, Mandeville
1977 Wishing Well Craft Shop, 525 Jackson, Mandeville
1977 Tresses Haircutters, 602 Lafitte, Mandeville
1977 Northshore Fence, 101 Atalin, Mandeville
1977 Old Time Donut and Restaurant, Hwy. 190, Mandeville
1977 Northlake Glass Works, 910 Lamarque, Mandeville
1977 Northshore Gymastic, 3910 Florida, Mandeville
1977 Beautiful Day Natural Foods, 1709 N. Causeway, Mandeville
1977 Linda's Book Emporium, 335 Gerard St., Mandeville
1977 Lani Electric Co. Inc. 1206 St. Mary St. Abita Springs
1977 Dixie Health Foods Inc., 612 S. Tyler, Covington
1977 Associated Agencies, 420 E. Boston, Covington
1977 Champagne Interiors, 330 N. Columbia, Covington

1977 Chaisson's Seafood Market 802 N. Causeway, Mandeville
1977 Adventures in Ceramics, 2207 Florida Ave., Covington
1977 Causeway Garden Center & Florist Inc. 750 N. Causeway, Mandeville
1978 Covington Car Care, Bogue Falaya Plaza
1978 Lake Theater Lounge, 2001 Lakeshore Dr., Mandeville
1978 Gigi's Nu-Look Beauty Salon, 1717 Causeway Place, Mandeville
1978 Lacombe Auto Parts, Hwy. 190
1978 The Chimes Antiques & Gift Shop, 125 N. Theard, Covington
1978 Fireplaces of St. Tammany, Hwy. 190, Covington
1978 Ed's Restaurant, Hwy. 190 at Riverside Drive, Covington
1978 Lion's Den, 2034 Jefferson, Mandeville
1978 Karen's Pet Grooming & Supplies, Hwy. 190, Mandeville
1978 Jean's Grooming, 1610 N. Columbia, Covington
1978 Sunshine Center Hwy. 190, Lacombe
1978 Radio Air & Accessories Inc. Bogue Falaya Plaza
1978 Northlake Ballet, 3918 Florida, Mandeville
1978 Tammany Plumbing and Supply Inc., Hwy. 190 Covington
1978 Allen's Statuary & Ornamental Concrete Products, Carola's Shopping Center, Lacombe
1978 Strings N Things, 629 Plaza Dr. Covington
1978 Soundtrack, Delchamps Plaza, Mandeville
1978 Tammany Drugs, 1111 S. Tyler, Covington
1978 Northlake Court Club, 3920 Florida, Mandeville
1978 Seafood World, Lee Road near Barker's Corner
1978 The Trophy Shop, Lee Road, Covington
1978 Northlake Paint & Decorating, Delchamps Plaza, Mandeville
1978 Oak Tree Mobil Service Station, 705 Boston, Covington
1978 Roland's Upholstery, Abita Springs
1978 Pineland Industries, Hwy. 25, Covington
1978 Northshore Iron Works, Florida St., Mandeville
1978 Pecan Grove Kennels, Inc. N. Fitzmorris Road, Covington
1978 Northlake Texaco, 1703 Causeway Blvd., Mandeville
1978 Richard's Seafood, 1204 W. 21st Ave. Covington
1978 Honeysuckle Cottage Day Care Center, Hwy. 190, Covington
1979 Shoreline Service Center, 725 N. Causeway, Mandeville
1979 Atlas Signs Inc., Abita Road, Covington
1979 Mandy's Kiddie Patch, Oak St., Mandeville
1979 Nunmaker Yachts, La. 22 East, Madisonville

They also included how many years the business had been operating since it had opened. Since the ads were published in 1977 and 1979, and since the year is now 2023, you can add 44 to 46 years to that number. 

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Bridge To Sun Improved, Widened

 In the 1960's the two lane steel overhead truss bridge on the Bogue Chitto River south of the Village of Sun was noted nationwide for its narrow passage and dangerous accidents. Whenever the river flooded the bridge was also at risk of being damaged.

Going across it was so hazardous that in 1972 the La. Dept. of Transportation started building a new bridge to replace the old one.

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As the new bridge was nearing completion, an article appeared in a national magazine about the ten most dangerous bridges in America. The La. Hwy. 21 bridge over the Bogue Chitto River was among those named. The week following the nationwide article, the new wider bridge was completed and opened, and the old dilapidated one was soon torn down. Good timing.

Monday, May 15, 2023

Roxy Remembered

 Two years ago at the Covington Courthouse Veterans Day ceremony in November of 2021, the Robert H. Burns American Legion Post for the first time presented a "US Military Working Dog Service Award."  That award went to Service Dog Roxy R682 USMC, led onstage by area resident Gwen Gole.

American Legion Post Commander Joseph P. Untz II presented a framed certificate to Gwen Gole and then kneeled to drape the military ribbon around Roxy's neck. 

Just over a year later, she was gone. 

On December 8, 2022, Gwen Gole posted to her Facebook page that Roxy had died. "It is with completely broken hearts that we announce the passing of our retired USMC/ TSA K-9  ROXY  R682," she wrote.

"She gave her all for all of us and asked so little of any of us.  We are so thankful and enormously grateful to have her Bless our lives for the past 5 1/2 years! Rest in Peace, good girl."  

Roxy was born on June 1, 2009, and served two 2 tours to Afghanistan, 2011 and 2012. After that she served the TSA as a package sniffing dog at the New Orleans Louis Armstrong Airport. Then, from December 2017 to 2022, she was certified and became part of the "Love on a Leash Therapy K-9" program. She was a key player in military service, airport security, and then canine therapy for area residents in assisted living facilities. 

For her final three years, the US War Dog Association accepted her into their free RX program, which was a big help to Gwen's family.  She has a burial place at the Michigan War Dog Memorial Cemetery which provides a headstone and service with full military honors.  

"Roxy was not just a dog, but a soldier, hero, veteran, therapist, and a very good girl with a kind loving heart.  I truly believe God put her here to not only save lives but to change lives also. She truly did both very well," Gwen said. Many of those whose lives Roxy touched sent in their condolences for her loss.

RMWD Roxy R682 looks upward after receiving her US War Dog Assoc Afghanistan Service Medal on Veterans Day 2021 .

Humane Society Recognition

On March 14, 2021, Northshore Humane Society noted that Roxy had become a new Woofstock client in honor of National Canine Veterans Day (March 13th). On the Society's Facebook page, the group noted that "Roxy is a 12-year-old canine veteran who in her earlier days served as an explosive detection dog for the Marines and was deployed to Afghanistan twice! She also protected our New Orleans airport from explosives before retiring and finding her adopted family in 2017."
The Humane Society then posted that Roxy became a certified therapy pup for Love On A Leash St. Tammany and regularly visited patients at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and assisted living facilities all over the Northshore. 

"We were honored to meet this amazing canine. In 12 years, she has experienced and accomplished more than many of us will ever do in a lifetime," the Humane Society spokesman said at the time. 

A Humane Society photo with Roxy

Her official portraits
Click on the images to make them larger.

A black Labrador, Roxy began her military training/evaluation for the "Explosive Detection K9 program" at Ft. Bragg, NC On December 8, 2010. Her first deployment to Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan was from August 2011 to January 2012, and her second Deployment to Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan was from March 2013 to October 2013.

She served with the 3rd Batt. 4th Marines and was transferred to the Department of Homeland Security in December 2013 to begin her service with TSA New Orleans, LA in January of 2014. She retired from TSA March 17, 2017 and adopted by Tony and Gwen Gole. 

Click on the images to make them larger. 

Tony, a former USN Flight Officer, knew Roxy and her TSA handler for her three plus years with agency. When she was retired from the TSA, the Goles were chosen to be her civilian family. Gwen had retired from teaching special needs children in January 2017 and was chosen by Roxy to become her new "handler."

For the first year Roxy was right by Gwen's left side waiting for a command, never letting her out of her sight. They had been told that Roxy gained weigh easily and had PTSD. The PTSD was evident during the first Veterans Day program they attended because of the 21 gun Salute. She kept trying to get Gwen "away and down" and did not calm until Gwen sat on the ground with her with Roxy in her lap.

Canine Therapy

Roxy kept wanting to "go to work" everyday, so Gwen got her involved in a Pet Therapy Group, Love on a Leash. She became certified in December 2017 and began weekly visits to hospitals, assisted living facilities, cancer centers, churches. etc.

One of the assisted living facility invited her to be a part of their annual Veteran's Day Program, honoring her along with other Marine Veterans. Each facility they visited it seemed as if Roxy could pick out the Veterans to visit with rather than the civilian residents/patients.

"She was so happy and excited to go for each and every visit she did," Gwen recalls. "She even had regular patients she insisted on visiting because they always had treats and belly rubs for her."


During the closure of many facilities due to Co-Vid. Roxy began slowing down some and could not jump into the car due to Osteoarthritis in her hips and knees. "This condition is very common for MWDs," Gwen explained. Roxy then began taking daily medications and supplements for this condition.

An Emotional Visit

Her last visits with the group was in May/June 2021 to a Short Term Veterans Rehabilitation Facility. At that facility a young Veteran entered the room, took one look at Roxy and left the room emotional and crying. It was explained to Gwen that the young Vet had been a Dog Handler in Afghanistan and his Black Labrador, Max, had been killed in action. By this time everyone in the room who knew his story had tears in their eyes. 

Gwen offered to leave but his therapist ask them to stay to see if he could work through it and come back to visit with the dogs. The young Vet did come back about 15 minutes later still somewhat emotional but did sit down to receive the dogs.

Roxy and Gwen were across the room at that time but Roxy started pulling directly to the young Vet. There was no holding Roxy back, so she approached him his head was down but he reached his hand out to her and was able to talk through the day that he lost Max. It was one of the most emotional, powerful visits they had ever experienced. Gwen says God surely put Roxy there that day as a means for the young Vet to be able to move on and heal.

Upon leaving that day Gwen and Roxy were asked to come do weekly one-on-one visits with the young Vet, which they did for another month. Gwen saw a positive change in the young Vet with each visit they made with him.

During one visit, the young Vet went through Roxy's Military Records and determined that he and Roxy had been at Camp Leatherneck at the same time in 2011, but in different units. Gwen feels like she remembered him in someway and that is why Roxy was so insistent and overly excited to visit with him that first time.

After those visits. Roxy was diagnosed with a condition common to older Labradors. Laryngeal Paralysis, which causes breathing difficulty due to heat, excitement and anxiety. So it was decided to retire Roxy from LOAL visits after this diagnosis. 

On Monday, May 29, Memorial Day, at the courthouse in Covington, local veterans organizations are planning their annual observance at 10 a.m., which will include a special recognition in remembrance of Roxy, the working military dog who touched the lives of so many in this area after saving the lives of so many in her overseas tours of duty. 

Photograph of the plaque that will be presented at the Memorial Day program to commemorate Roxy's service to her country 

Information and photos provided by Gwen Gole.

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