How To Use This Website

Welcome to the Tammany Family website/blog. It contains a large number of photos and printed materials from a variety of newspaper articles published more than 30 years ago. Also, there are some new items from time to time.

At the right hand side are the "Labels," and these represent groups of blog postings that relate to a particular topic or location. Exploring these turns up items of interest focused on one or more areas.

The chief goal of this website is to scan and post old photographs and historical information. For an overview of what's available along those lines, you can click on the "Index" tab at the top of the page, Most of the history items are listed at the top of the index, with other postings listed alphabetically below that. 

The other goals of this website are to showcase interesting people: artists, hobbyists, community leaders. There are also detailed articles about people from St. Tammany's past, as researched by amateur and professional historians. Those articles can be found under the label marked "People." 

A special category of People is featured under the label Talent Bank, which is one of the tabs at the top of the page (web view). The Talent Bank articles spotlight talented individuals who have shared their stories on how they discovered  their talents, how they developed them, and how they put them to good use. Many Talent Bank individuals are artists, but there are plenty of other occupations, hobbies, and areas of interest represented. 

The label titled "Aerial Photos" takes you to a number of aerial photographs taken in the 1970's (and earlier) that show key St. Tammany communities and intersections. 

Below the list of labels is the "Blog Archive," which offers a month by month overview of what has been posted. This blog started in May of 2016, so while it is interesting to view the blog entries in chronological order, they are created at random as I open my file cabinet and pull out a folder in no particular manner.

How To Search

To search the blog for a particular search term, there is a text box at the top of the right hand column. You can type in a word and click on the Search button to do a search. That is available in the "web-view"mode that shows up in desktop computers and laptops, but smartphone internet browsers may not show that feature when in phone-view mode. 

To see a list of blog postings that have been of a lot of interest to a number of folks, head on over to which is a portal to this blog. 

Tabs Along The Top

At the top of the blog website are other tabs going to a photos page,  a videos page, and a links page.

The photos page showcases some of the more interesting photos used here, with links to posts that were mostly photo collections. 

The videos page lists videos that have been posted to various blog entries, and the links page is just a wildly-diverse collection of links about St. Tammany Parish, its history, its government, its communities, etc. I don't check the validity of those links very often, so some of them may no longer work. 


The Maps Tab takes you to a page that features a number of pictorial maps that Ron Barthet has drawn of area towns over the years.

The Best Way To Grab a Picture

To save a picture from one of the blog entries, it is best to follow this procedure:

First, click on the picture. That will enlarge the view of it.

Next, right click on the enlarged picture, and when the menu choices pop up, choose "View Image" or "Open Image in New Tab." Your internet browser may have another name for it, but you want to open the picture in a new tab, so pick the most likely menu choice.

Next, go to the new Tab that just opened up, and hold your cursor over the new picture. If you cursor shows a "plus sign" (+), that means it can be enlarged even more. Left click on it to enlarge it. At this point, you should be looking at the largest, highest resolution version of the picture. Right click on it and "Save Image As..." (or other menu choice) to download it to your computer. 

There are a number of 100 year old plus photos from various public collections (mostly from the Covington branch library). Some of those linked photos are copyrighted so be careful not to violate copyright laws. Please avoid printing any of the photos in mass quantities for sale.