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Local Authors Night At The Library

In  December of 1977, a group of new authors who lived in west St. Tammany were invited to the public library for an "Authors Night." It was a good cross section of the people and publications that were going out at that time, and the Slidell Times covered the event. Click on the image below to see the article and photo. I was a part of that group because I had just self-published my collection of science fiction short stories.

A few years later, the library published this list of local authors...

Text from the above article:

Library Names Local Authors - April 19, 1984 

The St Tammany Parish library system would like to honor both their readers and their local authors for National Library Week. St. Tammany Parish is very fortunate to have many talented authors who reside in our parish. The following is far from a complete list of the local authors and writers and some of their works. Many of them use the libraries for their research," a library spokesman said.

They include the following:

Victor Blackwell, Covington "O'er the Ramparts They Watched". 1976.

Colonel Wes Braud, Covington "A Family History" 1983

Jayge  Carr, Slidell "Leviathan's  Deep" 1979; "Navigator's Syndrome" 1983.

Mrs. Archie Core- Covington • "Tidbits about St Tammany Parish," 1954.

Frank  Davis- Slidell "Fisherman's Guide to Lake Pontchartrain," "Frank Davis Seafood Notebook" 1983

Judge  Frederick  S. Ellis-  Covington - edited "St Tammany Historical Society Gazette". Vol. 2.1977. "Other Side of the Lake:  A History of Early Days in St Tammany Parish," 1961.

Carole Halston- Mandeville "Marriage Bonus," "Love Legacy,"  "Stand In Bride" Silhouette Romances

Lottie Harper- Pearl River "Miller's & United Families"

Doris Holden. Covington "On Through the Years With Abner Jenkins" 1970. "Cemetery Records" Vol 1 & 2 1977. "Saint Tammany Parish Marriage Records 1901 thru July 1924," 1980

Edith  Koepp Hutchinson- Covington "Koepp Family Tree," 1980

Carol Jahncke- Covington "Louisiana Visit,"  1976, "Mr Kentzel's Covington 1878-1890" 1979

John   Kemp
- "Martin Behrman of New Orleans' 1977," New Orleans 1981

Dr. Edwin 0. Jenkinson
- Covington "Pocket Guide to Easy Office Opening"

Paul Marachal-
Covington  "Dancing Madly Backwards" working on book on loneliness and the journey into God

Mary Francis Morgan- Covington "Teacher Lady." 1952

Marty Mule. Slidell "Louisiana Athletes," 1981; "Sugar Bowl, the First Fifty Years," 1983

Bertha Perrand Neff- Covington "Index to the Marriages   1812 -1900" 1969. "Historical Tidbits and Statistics from the St Tammany Farmer 1878-1900"

C Howard Nichols "Louisiana's  Florida Parishes: A Bibliography" , "St. Tammany Historical Society Gazette" Vol 3 1978; "Stories of a River Town - Covington, Louisiana at 200 Years,"2014

Ron  Pedro- "Gathering Chase and Other Verse" 1976

Ron Pedro

Probably our most famous author is Walker Percy- Covington
"Last  Gentleman" 1966.
"Love in the Rums " 1971
Lost m the Cosmos" 1983.
'Sovereign Wayfarer," "Message in the Bottle," 1975
"Moviegoer," 1961; "Lancelot,"  1977   "The Second Coming"   1980 and "Lanterns on the Levee," 1941

Elois Sahuc- Abita Springs "Policeman Who Knew Huey P Long,"  1977; "Slow Motion Suicide," 1981

Adrian Schwartz
- Covington • "Sesquicentennial in St Tammany," 1963.

Sheila Stroup- Covington. Many articles published in Dixie  Magazine  of the Times Picayune newspaper

Leroy K. Willie - "Ancestors. Descendants and Related Families of John Willey and John Core" "Willey, Core Bennett and Other Ancestors". 1982

The St Tammany Parish library system would like to hear from many other local authors so that they could be added to this list

One of the area's most prolific writers and poets is Maurice LeGardeur of Covington. An attorney by day, he has written and published several books. Shown above is "A Country Lawyer Looks Again." A native of New Orleans, he began writing poetry in 1982 and became known as "The Bard of Boston Street." His most recent project involves books entitled "Mona's Law," a series of cartoons about the law and lawyers, as seen from a legal secretary's viewpoint. 
His books include: So much for the mountains: Poems and phrases from the highlands; Carnival in New Orleans: A Fantasy; Mona's Law and Disorder; Gulf Coast Stimulus Package; A Country Lawyer Looks Back; A Country Lawyer Looks at Life; Mona's Crusin' The Coast; and Natchez Reverie. 

Ron Barthet has also written a few books: two science fiction books, one Cajun comedy book, some novels, a history of the Southern Hotel, a book on procedures on how to tape family history interviews with relatives, and a few cartoon books, including one on holiday fruitcakes, a collection of cartoon maps, and imaginary festival posters.  
Here's a list: "Reveling," 1969; "Going Whacko and other Science Fiction Stories," 1977; "The Gafferty Perspective," 1994; "The Gafferty Momentum," 1997; "Cajun Gold," 2008; "The History of Sun," 2017; "The Southern Hotel-Covington Legacy," 2018, "The Pictorial Cartoon Maps," 2019, and "Posters from Imaginary Festivals and Conventions," 2019; "The Bridges of St. Tammany," "Abita Springs Photographs and Articles; "Folsom-Yesterday and Today," "Madisonville's Vantage Point Upon History;" "Madisonville Meanderings" 2023, "The Time When," 2022; "Going Knots," 2022, "The Morning Mist Mystery" 2023, "Mind Pivot" 2024, and "The Wedding Photographer" 2024.. He has published more than 50 cartoon pictorial maps showing bird's eye views of towns and cities, many of which may be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

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