Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Legendary Jim Metcalf

Jim Metcalf was one of those television personalities from the old school. Soft-spoken, thoughtful, and a little too reflective on some issues, he would probably not do too well in today's fast moving media market. But he was a thinker, and a poet. In fact, he wrote four poetry books (that I know of) and his television shows "A Sunday Journal" and "Shades of New Orleans" were well received both by New Orleans residents and persons from afar. 

Metcalf once visited Carol Jahncke's "Carol's Corner Bookstore" in Covington to sign his latest poetry book, and below is a photograph of him autographing a copy for some of his fans, young and old. For more information about Metcalf, visit this link or, perhaps, this link. 

For a sample of some of his poetry, CLICK HERE.

To see his books on, CLICK HERE