Monday, May 16, 2016

Greenlaw Lumber Company In Ramsay

Much of St. Tammany's history revolves around the timber industry. And with timber comes a variety of lumber companies that take on the task of cutting down, hauling away, and sawing into pieces all those pine forests that just keep getting replanted year after year. 

In 1975 I wrote an article about the demolition of the old rooming house for the Greenlaw Lumber Company in Ramsay, about three miles north of Covington. To read that article, click on the image below. 

For more information on the Greenlaw Lumber Company in Ramsay, click on the images below to enlarge them for viewing. 

To read what happened to the Greenlaw Lumber Co., see the article below. 

The lumber industry was huge across St. Tammany, since much of the product was loaded onto schooners and shipped across Lake Pontchartrain to help build the city of New Orleans. One of the largest lumber companies was the Poitevent Farve Lumber Mill on the shore of the lake near Mandeville, right where the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway makes landfall. In fact, that small linear pond near the causeway toll booth is said to be a part of the sawmill pond from years earlier. 

See below for a 1913 picture of the massive Poitevent Favre Lumber Mill. 

And here is a photo of one of the Poitevent Favre Lumber Co. trains in Mandeville.