Monday, May 30, 2016

The Phillips Family Cross-Country Trip

     In 1975 well known local travel agent Don Phillips and his wife, real estate broker Jenny Phillips, bought a travel trailer and set off to discover backroads America. They had traveled all over the world in his work as a travel agent, but it was time to get close up and personal with the United States. Plans were made, maps were marked and they set off for the grand adventure. 
     Unfortunately, living in a travel trailer, stopping at a different campground each night, soon lost its luster and then, two months after they set out, they were involved in a serious accident on the highway. That sort of brought things to a standstill, literally and emotionally. They wound up in Austin, Texas, where they bought a house, started a vitamin shop in the college town, and did rather well in the health food business. They got healthier, wealthier, and happier in their new abode, putting their travel plans on hold indefinitely. 
     I went to visit them a few times, and was amazed to see the vitamin shop flourish with its version of the "smoothie," a relatively new idea at the time. I think they opened up a couple additional shops.  It was a great adventure for Don and Jenny both, even though it wasn't the one they had planned on. 
     I went to college with their son Donald K. Phillips Jr., and he became a good friend, active in drama and radio production. In fact, in addition to being a helicopter-flying radio traffic reporter back when it was sort of a new thing, he eventually became involved in producing murder mystery theater productions for corporate and convention crowds. Always on the forefront of the latest innovations, just like his dad. I probably take more vitamins now than I would have otherwise because of what Mr. Phillips shared with me.
     To read the newspaper story about their travel plans, click on the image below.