Monday, June 24, 2019

Kayaks Come To Chimes

Anytime you look at the Bogue Falaya River in Covington, you can almost imagine seeing someone (maybe even yourself) kayaking, or paddle boarding through that calm water, enjoying the serenity.

Chimes Restaurant in Claiborne Hill is always good for a balcony seat to view the river, but something new is afoot at Chimes (and I don't mean the goats.)

Canoe & Trail Adventures has set up a kayak and paddleboard rental service at the Chimes dock, with plenty of watercraft in bright colors, life preservers, and paddles to go along with them. The rental service is open five days a week, which includes Saturdays and Sundays, and folks can reserve the kayaks ahead of time by going to their website.

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According to their website, Canoe and Trail Adventures has been around for over 45 years, mainly offering guided canoe trips into Louisiana swamps and bayous surrounding New Orleans. They have expanded the kayak swamp tour eco-tourism industry, and as a result Chimes has become the local kayaking and paddleboard renter center. Lots of folks have already come to take advantage of the service. Here are some pictures.

For more information about the kayak rental service, CLICK HERE.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Growth in St. Tammany Parish - 1985

In 1985, some thirty-four years ago, the Louisiana Public Broadcasting System produced a video report on "Growth In St. Tammany Parish."

to go to the webpage offering the video, then click on the "Play Triangle" in the middle of the viewing window to start viewing it.  There are lots of familiar faces in the video.  

That vintage video segment is made available for viewing courtesy of the La. Digital Media Archives, LPB Collection, Louisiana State Archives website.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Mardi Gras 1982 A Couple More Pictures

I found a couple of additional pictures from the downtown Covington Mardi Gras parade held in 1982. Here they are. Click on the images to make them larger. 

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Lions Club Parade 1982

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Friday, June 21, 2019

100 Years Ago This Week

What was going on 100 years ago this week? CLICK HERE for a link to the St. Tammany Farmer of June 21, 1919. The link is provided by the Library of Congress and its Chronicling America service.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Food Bank Groundbreaking

A ground breaking ceremony was held Thursday afternoon, June 20, 2019, for the new food storage and distribution facility being built by the Northshore Food Bank in Covington. Several community leaders and dignitaries were on hand for the occasion.

A number of those present took turns turning dirt with shovels in the commemorative "ground breaking," with the steel framework of the building already rising in the background. Click on the images to make them larger.

The new building is located one block east of the present location. CLICK HERE for a Google maps view of the area.

Jimmy Rogers, 
chairman of the Board and Capital Campaign Chairman
for the Northshore Food Bank

Rogers said the food bank has been growing over the past three decades due to the increasing needs in the community and also due to the dedication and love of its volunteers. "The community has been very generous in supporting this project," he said.

Covington Mayor Mike Cooper congratulated the food bank on its accomplishment and told of its key significance in the community.

Terri Turner-Marse, CEO of the Northshore Food Bank, welcomed those present and gave remarks regarding the event. "For 35 years the Northshore Food Bank has been addressing the food insecurity present within our Northshore Community. We have occupied 3 locations on Columbia St.,  and our name has been changed 3 times! What has remained steadfast is the commitment of our organization and of this community to fight hunger," she said.

"With each relocation, a vision was developing of expanding not only the geography of our service area but also the methods by which we touch those experiencing food insecurity. What became clear was a larger footprint was required. In 2010, our board of directors began to purchase these plats of property in hopes of this day, this moment... of building a new food bank distribution center," she went on to say.

The new building will allow better access and reduced car lines for vehicles trying to reach the Food Bank, and it will provide onsite parking to participants and the more than 500 people who volunteer with the agency annually.

She felt that the new facility will significantly improve the effectiveness, efficiency and safety within warehouse operations as they expand services with different distribution methods.

"There are so many who have made this day possible," she said. "Our board of directors who painstakingly worked toward establishing the vision some years ago and those who are implementing the vision today; the City of Covington adopted our vision and helped ensure we kept our services right here at home; and our architect and contractor created the concept and design of the facility which would implement that vision."

She also thanked their lender and subcontractors who provided the necessary support to bring the vision to reality. "And finally our community of supporters, most especially the donors and our contributors of our capital campaign, as it is with their engagement, their contribution and support that we are able to be present in this milestone moment today," she explained.

"This has been a long time in the works, a long-time vision of our board,and we are so excited to see this project happening now," Ms. Turner-Marse continued. "So glad we were able to build a new home, just steps away from our current home. It's an unfortunate fact that food insecurity has become an epidemic in our community. The face of hunger has changed and it affects not just the critically impoverished. Now more people are hungry."

"So as the need in our community changes and grows, we have outgrown the footprint of our current home," she said. It will provide them with more space as well as the capability to operate more safely and more efficiently. She thanked her amazing board of directors, "Our visionaries - the emeritus board," and their architects & general contractors.

Among those taking part in the groundbreaking ceremony were Jimmy Rogers, Harry Warner, Ken Latham, Mayor Mike Cooper, John Baldwin, Joe Chautin, Paul Davis, Ken Latham, Mayor-elect Mark Johnson, and City Council members Jerry Coner and Larry Rolling. Also taking part were building representatives Kyle Kent and Vincent Cangiamilla.

 Mayor Cooper said it was a great afternoon for the event, the beginning of a brand new vision for the Northshore Food Bank. "Their vision of a larger building will provide for the needs of our citizens in Covington, and beyond." The city is honored to have the facility in this community to continue serving the needs of all those in the area. 

The new building will offer 9660 square feet of warehouse floorspace as well as a 4360 square foot administrative area. More parking would be available for visiting clients also. 

The food bank was established in 1984, and now also operates a dental clinic and thrift store on Columbia Street, about a block from the site of the new building.

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An artist rendering of The Columbia Street thrift store and dental clinic after the food distribution warehouse is opened.

Lacombe - 1981

Here's an aerial photo of the Lacombe area taken in 1981.

Click on the image to make it larger. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Mandeville Pier Postcard

A short walk on a long pier...

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Home Ec Holiday Preparations

Here are a few photos scanned from the School System scrapbook of Henry Mayfield. These photographs show the Home Economics class at Covington High School preparing some Christmas holiday decorations..

Based on who is in the picture, the event was probably held in the late 1950's. Click on the images to make them larger. 

Several boys helped with decorating the Christmas tree

 Also found in the Mayfield collection was the following identified photo of two Covington high school students.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Downtown Covington - Mid-1950's

This photograph was posted on the Remember Covington Facebook page by Billy Brossette. It shows Boston Street, looking westward towards Columbia Street. Click on the image to make it larger.

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Stairway to Waterway

On the Madisonville riverfront...

Click on the image to make it larger. Photograph by Ron Barthet

Friday, June 14, 2019

100 Years Ago This Week

What was going on 100 years ago this week? CLICK HERE for a link to the St. Tammany Farmer of June 14, 1919. The link is provided by the Library of Congress and its Chronicling America service.

Click on the sample images below to see larger versions.