Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Mount Vernon Motel

The Mount Vernon Motel was located on Hwy. 190  halfway between Covington and Mandeville. It was an unusual motel in that its furnishings were all antiques, the bed, the chest of drawers, the amoires. Many St. Tammany residents remember staying there or putting up their out of town visitors there, just to show off the antiques.

A Mount Vernon Motel Postcard

 The back of the above postcard says the Mount Vernon Motel was located two miles south of Covington. "Shady grounds in quiet rural area. Colonial style brick motel. Antiques are sold in the home in the rear. Mr. and Mrs. R.V. Caravetta are owner/manager.

A souvenir matchbook

About 24 years ago, however, many of those antiques went up in flames. Here are two photographs of the motel the day after it burned down in the mid 1990's. A new two story unit had recently been built in the back and it was unaffected by the fire, so the motel did continue in business for a while after that.

The motel was located where the Gulf Coast Bank in front of Lowe's is today.