“Stories of a Rivertown:

Covington, La at 200 Years” 

By C. Howard Nichols.

Books can be mailed anywhere in the US for $40,including shipping. Check or money orders to: C. Howard Nichols, 406 General Pershing, Hammond, LA 70401.
There may be copies available as well at HJ Smiths Sons General Merchandise, Covington


"St. Tammany Parish:

L'Autre Cote Du Lac"

by Steve Ellis 
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The Old Mandeville Historic Association

published a book featuring photos of its homes

where historic plaques have been placed

to mark landmark residences

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The History of Saint Tammany From Time of 
Colonization of Louisiana By The French

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Abita Springs: Collection of Articles & Photographs



Artists, Writers & Other Talented People

of the Tammany Family

Interviews, photographs, and unique viewpoints showcasing many of

St. Tammany's most talented people.

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The History of the Village of Sun

A fascinating story of gravel, pillows and roller skating. 

St. Tammany's youngest municipality is one of its earliest Native American settlements

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The Bridges of St. Tammany

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Lee Lane Legacy 

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Folsom: Yesterday & Today

By Ron Barthet 


An overview of the history of Folsom, its people and businesses.
Contains many photographs, maps and charts.
Ron Barthet presenting a copy of the 

Folsom history book to Frank Richerand

of the Giddy Up Coffee House
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Book Takes a Look at 1950's in Mandeville

 J. Vernon "Butch" Smith has written a new book about life in Mandeville in the 1950's. The 160 page book is for sale on

According to the summary on the back of the book, it tells about small town Mandeville, population 1,358, which in the 1940's was an idyllic rural south Louisiana community on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

"Firsthand is autobiographical in nature, told both through an anthology of personal experiences related by The Old Geezers and a Few Elegant Elders of the time, and a look at the family history of the Smiths and Morgans with emphasis on the history and culture of the aunts and uncles involved in rearing of the author.

" The facts are definitely important, but the richness of this work comes from looking deeper into the story behind the data “what did it feel like, what did it look like?”

"A class mate who reports having a heavy foot so the local police thumbtack speeding tickets on the front door of his dad’s house. Three of the four males in the senior class being first string on the basketball team. All experienced within the context of the author’s family history and the times of the 50’s. The Acadian French connection is described as is the family’s French Jewish heritage. There is an extensive look at the family’s military history from the Revolutionary War, through the Civil War, to the Iraqi War. Aspects of rural family culture in which third cousins marry or a younger brother marrying the widow with children of an older brother."


Movie Memories On The Northshore

This book tells the story of movie theaters in St. Tammany Parish, how they started, what films they showed, and how they ended. The stories of how they originated and how they served the community. Local residents tell of the social impact of the movie theaters. The book includes a partial list of movies made in St. Tammany with on-set photos and interviews.

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The St. Tammany Trolley

An overview of The St. Tammany Trolley that operated a street car between Covington and Mandeville for ten years, from 1908 to 1918. The 13 mile track passed through Abita Springs and served several residential subdivisions. 

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Madisonville Meanderings
A 164 page book filled with articles and photographs of the Madisonville area, telling the story of its history, shipyards, restaurants and people from throughout the years. 

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The Pictorial Maps Book

 I just republished my book of cartoon bird's eye view maps. These are the maps that I have been drawing over the past 36 years, starting in 1983 with downtown Covington. 

I had published a smaller version of the book a few years ago. This one is 8 1/2 by 11 inches, so the maps have been reduced to fit. The original maps were 11 x17" and in many cases two feet by three feet, so the reduced-to-fit versions in the book will not contain the level of detail of the original maps. 

Since the mid-1980's I've been drawing maps of towns in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, and even South Carolina. They are fun to look at, and I would think a valuable historical reference someday. Already I get emails from people saying that they have a copy of one of my maps from 30 years ago, and it helps jog their memories of what was where,especially the businesses that are no longer with us. I made many great friends travelling across the South visiting the cities and towns, and working with the local chambers of commerce and newspapers to use the maps for promotional purposes. 

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I have also written several novels. For more information about those, CLICK HERE.


Dane Bookstore Now Open In Covington

 There's a new bookstore in downtown Covington, filled with a variety of books, artworks and gift items. It's not one of those huge franchise outfits, but a small locally-owned book emporium with an impressive collection of classics, specialty books, and books by local authors. 

The Dane Books and Gifts shop is at 322 Courthouse Alley, right behind the Mattina Bella restaurant. This is a premiere location, between the old courthouse building on Boston and Brooks Bicycle Shop. 

The bookstore entrance

Maryanna Dehler runs the place, and it is filled with not only books but artwork as well, much of that produced by local artists. There are comfy chairs to sit in, tea and snacks are available for visiting readers, and there is even a children's room. Out back there is a small patio with umbrellas for those who like to read outdoors.

Shelves of interesting books

Covington has had bookstores in the past, and this one carries on that tradition, a comfortable retreat filled with locally-oriented books and artwork. 

The business opened on May 13 and has already gathered a loyal group of local book-lovers. There is a growing number of book discoverers, also, people who are finding out about authors they were unfamiliar with, as well as local artists and gift makers. 

The location may seem out-of-the-way, but at one time courthouse alley was bustling with offices and activity. While Boston Street is the main street for most traffic today, Gibson street to the north was once packed with hotels, restaurants and barrooms, because that is where the train track was. Trains  brought hundreds of people into town every week (and more on the weekends.) 

The front door of the bookstore looks out upon the Star Theater building, the TAVI restaurant, and the old courthouse structure. Within a block is the Southern Hotel, Columbia Street, and the Covington Trailhead Visitors Center and stage. Tammany Trace is a few steps away. 

The goals of the shop include helping more people get into reading and make possible more connections in the community for those who like to read. 

The children's room and hidden back patio.

A relaxation room (The staircase in the back is a picture mural)

Artwork adorns the walls. Artists include Debbie Rucker, Gretchen Templat, and Tony Tribou.

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