“Stories of a Rivertown: Covington, La at 200 Years” 
By C. Howard Nichols.

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"St. Tammany Parish: L'Autre Cote Du Lac" 

by Steve Ellis 
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 Artists, Writers & Other Talented People

of the Tammany Family

By Ron Barthet



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The History of Sun

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Lacombe, LA to Lacombe, Alberta

By Don Sharp & Anita R. Campeau

In 1999, ten citizens from Canada's "Lacombe" came to celebrate the three hundred anniversary of the establishment of Louisiana as a French colony. The village of Lacombe initiated the "twinning" as a "FrancoFete" activity of Louisiana's Tricentennial Celebration - the state of Louisiana and the province of Alberta. An ongoing association between the state of Louisiana and the province of Alberta, Canada, as "Twin" regions was established. In what ways are the two Lacombes similar and in what ways are they different? Close historical ties exist between the two and to a certain extent their history is chronologically parallel. This book reveals those fascinating histories.

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The Amite River:
The Cradle of Livingston Parish

By Don Sharp & Anita R. Campeau

The Amite River starts as two forks, about 100 miles long, with its source in Amite County, Mississippi. It courses down through the parishes of East Feliciana, St. Helena, East Baton Rouge, Livingston and Ascension, forming boundary lines between the same. On February 10, 1832, the Louisiana Legislature created Livingston Parish out of the southern portion of St. Helena Parish. This is the story of the people who played a key part in settling the Amite River, and making it the "Cradle of Livingston Parish."

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The Cartoon Maps of Ron Barthet

An 8 1/2 by 11 inch picture book featuring the cartoon pictorial maps drawn by Ron Barthet over the past 35 years. Illustrations include many maps of St. Tammany towns: Covington, Mandeville, Folsom, Lacombe, Slidell and Pearl River. 

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History of St. Tammany Parish

From the Time of Colonialization

of  Louisiana By The French

An extensive history of early St. Tammany Parish is featured in this book, a reprint of a lengthy article in the Sept. 4, 1926, issue of the St. Tammany Farmer newspaper. 83 Pages, 6 inch by 9 inch.


Sharing Family Memories 

Sharing Family Memories is an important aspect to any family, and this book, a Guide To Recording Treasured Remembrances, will help set the stage for interviewing and recording the recollections of elder family members. 
With all the alternatives for recording these days, audio, video, cell phone, etc., this book offers information on how to best preserve family memories in ways that can be easily archived, easily retrieved, and enjoyed for centuries to come.


The Southern Hotel: 

A Covington Legacy

An overview of the history of the Southern Hotel, its beginnings, its impact on downtown Covington over the years, and its rebirth.