Saturday, August 5, 2017

Collins Dedicated Wharton To Jefferson

According to a historic document hand-written by the founder of Covington, the town now known as Covington was originally dedicated to President Thomas Jefferson. 

In 1814, John Wharton Collins filed legal papers with the local court that spelled out his dedication intentions for the original plan for Wharton, the town he founded in 1813. The name was changed to Covington by the state legislature a few years later, against his wishes.

Thomas Jefferson

The document stated the following:

State of Louisiana
Parish of St. Tammany
Be it remembered, that on this nineteenth day of March in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fourteen John W. Collins, deposited in this office the plan of a portion of land, laid out under the title of the division of St. John of Wharton, founded the fourth of July 1813, and humbly dedicated to the late President of the United States Thomas Jefferson, and thereby reserving to the purchasers of Lots the right in commons, of all Streets, Alleys, Water Courses and Timber Trees that are within the Plan and extent of said portion of land, and reserving to himself the privilege of extending any Square, and forming new ones according to the said Plan.

In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and Seal the day and day above written J.W. Collins

Sign'd, Seal'd and Acknowledged,
Before me, the date above written James Tate (J.D.) for St. Tammany
(Recorded 19th March, 1814)

Above is a photograph of the original document. Click on the image below to enlarge it.

Thanks to Jack Terry for sending a copy of the document to my attention. 

Text of Land Sale Transaction

Jacques Drieux to John W. Collins (See C.O.B. A-1, folio 283)

Before me Mr. Michel de Armas, Notary Public, residing in the city of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, United States of America, and in presence of witnesses hereafter, underwritten, was present, Mr. Jacques Drieux, residing in this city, which by these, sell, deliver, and transport now and for always, with complete guaranties of troubles, mortgages, evictions, alienation and others to MR. JOHN W. COLLINS, merchant, residing in this city at present, accepting and buying for himself and heirs:

One lot of ground, measuring (40) forty arpents with a  depth of (40) forty arpents giving a surface to the square of (1600) sixteen hundred arpents. The said piece of ground situated on the other side of Lake Pontchartrain,   in the vicinity of the Bogue Falaya,and facing the bayou known as Bogue Falaya, at approximately (4) four miles from where the bayou meet the Tchefunota river, and approximately (15) fifteen miles east of said lake, sold by those presents under restrictions enumerated hereafter,and include together the buildings and dependences on the property, well known by the buyer, who declares and designates for himself, to enjoy and dispose of the property in full.

This parcel of land belonging to the vendor by grant, made December the (6) six, (1803) eighteen Hundred and three, by Dr. Juan Ventura Morales, for his Catholique Majesty, the title being in good order to which is attached the plan of said parcel of land, surveyed by Mr. Charles Trudeu, royal surveyor for said parish, which title and plan has been given to the buyer who accept same in full.

The certificate of the recorder of mortgages in this city shows that to date property is free of mortgage against the vendor.

The restriction mentioned above are: (4) four parcels of land sold previously; first parcel of land was promised to to Daniel Edwards, for the price of (100) one hundred dollars by vendor who declare to have received same. Which parcel of ground Mr. Collins agreed to give Mr. Daniel Edwards.

The second parcel of land was promised to Mr. Brooks, by his choice situated on the Bayou for the price of (100) one Hundred dollars, said receiving same.

The third parcel of land was sold to Mr. Tete, by private act of sale for a consideration of ($125) one Hundred and twenty five dollars, for which he gave one note payable in August this year, to Mr. Drieux, which note Mr. Drieux gave the buyer Mr. Collins, who will be responsible at his own risk and fortune, to enjoy and dispose as he see fit, said Collins agreeing to give said parcel of land to to. Tete,

The fourth piece of land sold by private aot of sale also, to Mr. McGee, by Mr. Drieux and situated on the Bayou, this sale being made for the consideration of (70) seventy dollars, for which Mr. McGee gave to Drieux his note, payable in June of this year, which note to. Drieux gave to Mr. Collins, who accept it on same conditions as above.

The four (4) parcels of land having a surface, approximately eaoh, of (60) sixty feet front and (120) one hundred and twenty feet depth, with the right of the buyers to take all the timber for their uses and consummation, also to enjoy the use of the well, situated on said parcels of land.

Mr. Collins promise to keep the terms of the present sale for the price of ($2300) two thousands three hundred dollars, which the vendor acknowledge having received in the following manner; (100) one hundred dollars cash, in silver and (1183.63) one thousand one hundred and eighty dollars and sixty, three cents in the form of a note for (1158.48) one thousand one hundred and fifty two dollars and forty eight cents, signed the (29) twenty nine of December (1813) one thousand eight hundred and twelve, by Robert Badon, payable on demand
of Mr. John W. Collins, at interest of 6% and ( 1016.37) one thousand and sixteen dollars and thirty seven cents, in a note signed by Renez Baam, to date payable on demand of Mr. John w. Collins, who endorse both note, Mr. Drieux, giving full receipt and Mr. Collins agree that the (200) two hundred dollars paid by Mr. Daniel Edwards and Mr. Brooks as stated above, rest with Mr. Drieux as it was taken in consideration in the price of the parcel of ground.

The vendor give to the vendee all his rights to the property above by an act done and passed at New Orleans in the presence of Mr. Felix de Armas and Michel G. B. L. Fourasy, witnesses required and residing in this city, the sixteen day of May of the year, one thousand eight hundred and thirteen (16-5-1813), the (37) thirty seventh year of the Independence of America.

Signed by the witnesses and notary after reading of act of sale. JACQUES DRIEUX, JOHN W. COLLINS, witnesses, FELIX DE ARMAS, FOURAST, MICHEL DE ARMAS, Notary Public Copies conforme to original in file in my office for references. I have delivered the present signed by my hand in my office in New Orleans. MICHEL DE ARMAS, Notary Public. Truly recorded March 15th 1819.

Jesse R. Jones, Parish Judge.