Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Little Napoleon House

One of the oldest structures in Covington was the Little Napoleon House, located on the southwest corner of Columbia and Gibson Streets. Here are some photographs. 

According to the St. Tammany Historical Society, the quaint little building, corner of Columbia and Gibson Streets, was long known as the "Pere Planche Grocery" and in later years as the "Little Napoleon House."

This unique building, the only one of its type remaining in the area at that time, had a fascinating history. The site has changed ownership many times by inheritance or sale, and in 1954 was owned by the heirs of A. J. Planche and Mr. Albert Perbos who had given the building to the Society.

It was hoped that the building could be restored and used as a regional museum, craft and gift shop, or tourist information bureau.

With the "Little Napoleon Bar", corner of Columbia & Gibson Street, in the background, the dapper gentlemen on horses are Ulysses Depriest, Mr. Zenyer (sp) and Henry Camatte. In the background at right is the old "Mason Nez" building, which was the first telephone building, and railroad switch light in Gibson Street. This photo came from the Norma Core Collection.
In 1954, the St. Tammany Parish Historical Society tried to save the Napoleon House building from demolition by moving it to Bogue Falaya Park and using it as a museum or tourist information center.

In 2018 the same corner is occupied by a two-story office/residence with balcony. 

An ad for the "Little Napoleon" in the 1947 phone book. 

In the 1950's