Sunday, July 22, 2018

Bridge Crossing

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a community by the way it is able to handle unexpected situations. St. Tammany in the 1970's was a place where more cars were on the highways, people were getting busier, things were falling into a routine where getting from one place to another (say like driving to Mandeville from Covington) was starting to require some forethought and scheduling. Traffic was getting heavier, stress was building.

Then this happened...

Click on the image to read my Tammany Talk column published on September 2, 1973, which explains the incident and its working out.

I still see plenty of examples of motorists today taking the time to be courteous and thoughtful, but not as often as years ago. The month after Hurricane Katrina when there were no operating traffic signals was a reminder of how motorists can work things out when they encounter intersectional uncertainties.