Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mothers Club Started Long Line of PTO Activity

The Covington Grammar School "Mothers Club" was founded in October, 1906. It was on Oct. 10. 1906, that several patrons of Covington Grammar School met to organize the Mother's Club and elected Mrs. C. L. Smith as president. The club had a charter membership of 38 and charged 10 cents a month dues.

In 1909 the Mother's Club became known as the School Improvement League and in 1924 operated under the name of the Covington P.T.A.  The club joined with the Parent Teachers Organization by 1965 and reorganized as the Patrons Club In 1970.

Soup Kitchen For Rural Children

In 1934, during the presidency of Mrs. R. N. Menetre, a soup kitchen was set up under the sponsorship of the P.T.A. and the American Legion. Hot soup was served to out of town children who ate their lunches at school. In the beginning they served soup to about 60 children and helped launch the school lunch program in Covington.

Projects during the years included a donation of $200 in 1913 to set up a chemical and physical lab at Covington High School. Records show the hard work of the School Improvement League in 1914 went towards the financing of the new $34,000 school building; and in 1929 denistry work was done in the school and Christmas Seals were sold to pay for it.

By 1942 the club had 150 members, in 1951, 446 members and in 1973 there were 624 members of the Patrons Club. Records also showed in 1951 that the P.T.A. had been closely allied with Ihe Women's Progressive Union in the promotion of all civic, as well as, school projects.

Presidents of Covington Grammar School include Mmes. C. L. Smith, 1906; Mayeur, 1907; C. L. Smith, 1908; S. W. Prague. 1909; J. C. Burns, 1910; E.R. Moses, 1911; J. C. Burns. 1912-1915; George Clann, 1916; Charles Sheffield, 1917-1922; J. H. Warner, 1923. H.A. Mackie, 1924; J. C. Burns, 1925; J. Louis Smith, 1926-1931; and R. N. Menetre. 1932-1936.

In 1937 a "years" ruling for president was adopted. Presidents from that time to 1951 were Mmes. Emile Menetre, 1937-38; J. Louis Smith. 1939-1940; Louis Ross, 1941-42; Henry Mayfield, 1943; Felix Bachemin, 1944; Richard Privette, 1945; Mrs. James Ellis, 1946-47; Ann Muller, 1948; Meredith Lyon, 1949-50; and Mrs. T. E. Brunning Jr.,1951.

PTO presidents from 1965 to 1973 were Mmes. Jim Harrison, 1965; Lucy Heintz, 1967; Gary Schoen, 1968, Clair Cowart, 1969; Cy Plummer, 1970-1971; Nancy Todd, 1972, and Mrs. Jerome Gaspard, 1973.

(Information found in 1973 edition of the St. Tammany Farmer)