Sunday, March 29, 2020

Columbia Street Scene

This scene shows Columbia Street in Covington, looking north from Rutland Street through Boston Street towards Gibson Street, in the early 1900's.

The first building on the left is the Emile Frederick building. The two story building on the left across Boston Street is the Wehrli Building. The telephone exchange occupied the second floor, the wagon in front of Frederick Building is an A&P store delivery wagon. The name F. J. Fitzsimmons on the first building on the right is Smith Hardware, owned by Hardy Smith. The name McCormack is also there as well as a sign that says Michelin tires.

Next to that is a drug store and the next two story building is the Covington Bank Building. Across Boston Street on the right hand side is a two story frame building, the Haik's Clothing Store. The Haik family lived upstairs.

Further down on the right is the H. J. Smith General Merchandise Store. Next to that is a two story frame building in which H. J. Ostendorf operated a clothing store with Frank Patecek offering his services as a tailor. Next to that is the old Covington Bank building. 

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