Thursday, December 23, 2021

Folsom - Yesterday and Today

 The large number of Folsom area folks who turned out to see the renovation and preservation of "Aunt Decie" Pittman's old library building prompted me to think about putting a book together with all the pictures and material on Folsom found on my Tammany Family blog. 

The book is currently 114 pages, with a lot of old photos, new photos, maps, articles and history. In fact, I spent most of Wednesday afternoon walking around Folsom taking 184 pictures for the updated "today" section of the book.

So while it is still a work in progress, if you want to take a glance at the pictures and articles so far, then just CLICK ON THIS LINK below to download and view a PDF copy of the preliminary draft of the manuscript. 

To purchase a copy of the book, CLICK HERE.