Saturday, July 22, 2023

Post Office on Florida Street, Covington

 In 1966 a new post office was opened on Florida Street in Covington. Its construction was credited to the area's growing contribution to the economy of the region. Postmaster Allen Bruhl stated that Covington's post office had gone from $58,511 in revenues in 1956 to $163,616 in 1966. The number of post office employees in 1966 was 23, compared to 13 employees ten years earlier. 

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Thirty years later, in 1997, a tornado would destroy the Florida Street post office and a new one would be built at the north end of Columbia Street. 

The 1966 Post Office Opens

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Covington was proud of its new Florida St Post Office when built in 1966

The dedication of the 1966 post office was a big event, with special guests from all over. 

Allen Bruhl had been appointed Postmaster a year earlier in 1965.

The only problem

The only problem with the new post office was that it didn't have a designated space for the newsstand that had been operated by a blind vendor for years.

But the people of Covington went to bat for their newstand operator, writing letters, contacting their Congressmen, and generally hoping his newsstand would be incorporated into the new structure. 

It took two months for approval to be granted.

Joe was such a community concern that in 1966 Joe's friends had gotten together and helped him travel to his homeland in Holland. 

Joe was also an entertainer with his harmonica...