Sunday, June 24, 2018

Abita Guitar Artists

A few years back, around 2006,  Richard Boyd wrote an article about two men making customized guitars from scratch. After working at a Covington music store, they broadened their musical and instrument repair talents into woodworking craftsmanship to build the musical instruments worthy of the Abita Springs name. 

Thus the Abita Springs Guitar Company was born around 2004. Here's Boyd's article. Click on the image to make it larger. 

Joe Manuel and Phil Patterson, the guitar makers, started the Abita Springs Guitar Company, LLC. According to their website, "Manuel & Patterson is, by choice, a two-person shop. Production is limited, which allows us to attend to every detail personally. In this environment, production cannot speed up to meet increased demand and we believe that every guitar that we build, is the most important one we will ever make."

Their website address is:

For more information about their guitar-centered business visit this link.

A photo gallery of the guitars they have produced may be found at this link.

In 2008, Vintage Guitars Magazine ran this review of their craftsmanship:


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