Thursday, August 30, 2018

Getting Turned Around In Abita

Long before there was a traffic circle in Abita Springs, people would get turned around whenever they went there. This is because coming from Covington, the highway to Abita takes a gentle turn southward before you get there. It is such a gentle turn, you don't even notice it. 

Then once again, before you reach the town, the  highway takes another slight turn to the south, also nothing that would make you think you were changing the direction you were driving that much. Then sure enough, just after your cross the river the highway once again takes a slight turn to the left, and you find yourself driving into Abita Springs from the north. 

Keeping your compass directions straight in your head is not always easy when driving curvy roads that follow winding bayous. But you don't expect to lose a sense of direction when driving on straight roads. 

I must have gone to Abita dozens of times from Covington thinking that when I was driving into the town past the school I was driving west to east. Instead, in actuality, I was traveling from north to south past the school because of the slight curves in the road. This caused some problems, as the following Tammany Talk column from 1973 explains:

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