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B&PW Honors Its History

The Business and Professional Women's Club in west St. Tammany shared its history with readers of the St. Tammany Farmer in May of 1977.

Text from the above 1977 article:

Past presidents and charter members of the Covington Business and Professional Women's Club were honored guests at the club's fiftieth anniversary celebration last week at Tchefuncta Country Club.

Mrs. Elsie Galatas, general chairman of the event, presented three charter members with plaques for fifty years of dedicated service to the club. They were Miss Lucille Glisson, Mrs. Ida Nicolle and Mrs. Eunice Watkins.

A review of the past presidents was narrated by Mrs. Galatas, who was assisted by Mrs. Pat Clanton, soloist, and Mrs. Betsy Sturgeon, accompanist.

Those introduced were Juanita H. Privette, 1931-33; Elsie Galatas, 1933-35; Mrs. Eva K. Peyret, 1935-37; Viola Radon, 1937-39; Lucille Glisson, 1941-42; Porter Heintz, 1944-45; Doris Smith. 1947-48; Vera Coltora, 1948-49: Mary Frances Morgan, 1949-50; Emily Kustenmacher, 1953-54; Julia Stone, 1955-56: Naomi Rausch, 1956 -57: Vennie Bornet, 1957-58; Arlene Johnson, 1958-59; Jessie Stakelum, 1960-61; Marilyn Hudgeons, 1961-62; Sylvia C. Jourdan, 1962-63; Florence Q. Parker Anding, 1963-64; Eunice Watkins, 1966-67; Beth Giles, 1967-68; Frances McCarty, 1968-69; Donis Jenkins, 1969-70; Pat Pelloat, 1970-71 ; Nettie Galatas, 1971-72; Gloria Mulligan, 1972-73; Dottie Schoendorf, 1973-74; Claire Sanders, 1975-76; and Peggy Fineran, 1976-77.

A brief history of the club and its achievements was given by Mrs. Mary Frances Morgan.

It was on May 30, 1927, that a small group of spirited, civic-minded young working women banded together to form the initial unit of the Covington Business and Professional Women's Cub. Mrs. Carmelite Kentzel was elected the first president.

Since that time the club has survived, strengthened, enlarged and prospered.
In 1937, a musical trio composed of the then Carolyn King, now Mrs. Wallace Rheams, Jessie Hood Brown and Elsie Galatas, known as the Sunshine Sallies, were invited to the National Convention in Richmond, Virginia to perform at several of their club functions and stayed to play over the radio in Richmond.

Library Established

In 1946 Miss Essie Mae Culver, state librarian, was invited by Porter Heintz, to speak to the group about sponsoring a library. As a result in March of 1951 the parish voted for a permanent library and Lucille Glisson was named first president of the Board and has served as a dedicated member of the board since that time.

Hospital Discussed

In 1948 a committee composed of Mildred Koepp, 011ie Bentz, and Elsie Galatas met with doctors from Covington and neighboring towns to discuss with them the great need for a hospital. This was the beginning. Others joined the movement and result—St. Tammany Parish Hospital, the first in this area. The club has since furnished two rooms, donated several air conditioners and $200.00 toward the chapel.

Through contributions to the Agnes Morris Loan Fund, the club, along the years, has helped many deserving young girls further their education.

During the war years, the club conducted an aluminum drive for National Defense plants, sold war bonds, and helped conduct a Red Cross Drive. In 1949 they sponsored a Health and Safety Campaign and launched a successful Easter Seal Drive. They later sponsored a series of Leadership Lectures for young people and a safety campaign in all elementary schools. 

For three years, more recently, they conducted an Outstanding Youth Program. The names of these select young people appear on a plaque in the court house today.
Last year, aside from sweeping many equally coveted awards at the State Convention in New Orleans, the club was honored for having the most outstanding Bicentennial Program in Louisiana.

Mrs. Nettie Galatas installed the following officers for 1977-78, president, Ms. Jean Claire Crawford; 1st vice-president, Mrs. Patricia Rodriguez; 2nd vice-president, Mrs. Spencina Kelly: 3rd vice-president, Mrs. Mariel Salas; treasurer, Mrs. Pat Lopez; recording secretary, Mrs. Diane Stein; and corresponding secretary, Mrs. Lois Tompkins.

Mrs. Galatas was assisted with the program by the following committee
members, Claire Sanders, Spencina Kelly, Billie Mathis, Dottie Schoendorf, Elizabeth Colborn, Nettie Galatas, Pat Pelloat, Mary Frances Morgan, Pat Lopez, Marguerite Frosch, Rhea Flanagan, Frances McCarty, Lillian Nichols, Viola Radon, Carolyn Newell, Eva Peyret, Emily Kustenmacher, Gloria Mulligan, Peggy Fineran and Jean Claire Crawford.

The group held a special American Bicentennial meeting in 1976. Several past presidents were honored by the group, and the 50th anniversary of its founding was celebrated. Here are some details of that event,as published in the News Banner newspaper some 44 years ago in 1976. 

End of 1977 Article

A year earlier, on May 11, 1976, the Covington Business and Professional Women installed that year's new officers, reflected on the club's 50 years of existence, and honored its long list of past presidents.

The event at Tchefuncta Country Club brought together more than 70 officers, members and guests to join in "Commemorating America's Bicentennial of Women Helping Women."

The past presidents recognized included Juanita Privette, 1931-1933; Elsie Galatas, 1933-1935; Eva K. Peyret, 1935-1937; Viola Badon, 1937-1939; Lucille Glisson, 1941-1942; Porter Heintz, 1944-1945; Doris Smith, 1946-1947; Mary Frances Morgan, 1949-1950; and Emily Kustenmacher, 1952-1953.

Also, Naomi Rausch, 195501956; Arlene Johnson, 1958-1959; Jessie Stakelum, 1960-1961; Sylvia Jourdan, 1962-1963; Florence Anding, 1963-1964; Pat Pelloat, 1966-1967; Frances McCarty, 1968-1969; Donis Jenkins, 1969-1970; Nettie Galatas, 1971-1972; Gloria Mulligan, 1972-1973, and Dorothy Schoendorf, 1973-1974; and Claire Sanders, 1975-1976.

The new officers for 1976-1977 included Mrs. Peggy Fineran, president; Mrs. Joyce Wolfe, first vice president; Jean Claire Crawford, 2nd vice president; Chris Canik, third vice president; Pat Lafitte, treasurer; Betty Pogue, recording secretary and Lois Thompkins, corresponding secretary.  

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In her welcoming address, Mrs. Frances McCarty said, "In this America's Bicentennial Year, our country looks back in proud nostalgia on its many accomplishments and upon those leaders who made America memorable. There will not, for many years to come, be a more appropriate time for our club to look back on its nearly half-century of being and on the 40 past presidents who worked to make our continuing club projects a memorable part of the history of Covington.

"Our club has contributed to innumerable civic projects, launched the War Bond Sales in World War 2, helped staff the local U.S.O., worked to assist the Red Cross programs and let our voice be heard on important political bills affecting women."

"We have contributed to the cleanliness and beautification of the town, aided and cheered hospitalized veterans of the wars and needy families. In this, our fiftieth year of existence, we provided three more scholarships, this time to Southeastern Louisiana University by money derived from the Bicentennial production of Choctaw folklore, "Owaisee and the Witch."

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