Saturday, February 1, 2020

Dummy Line Railroad Tracks

Since Madisonville has for many years (centuries, in fact) been a major shipbuilding and trade/commerce port, there were several ways to get goods and produce there for shipment to New Orleans. There were roadways, waterways, and train tracks. Here's a map of the short run Dummy Line railroad that ran between Brady Island, just north of Madisonville, up to the area west of Goodbee. 

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Dummyline Road near Madisonville parallels the old roadbed of the railroad that for a while runs alongside Brady Island Drive. The old railroad grade is marked in yellow.  The above map is from a 1935 USGS Topographical Map. 

There were several short run railroad lines near Talisheek. Some of these ran into the Pearl River Swamp meeting up with existing logging trails.

North of Slidell, near Charter Oak and Hickory, there were numerous short run dummy line railroad tracks that ran into the logging areas and gravel pit loading areas.