Saturday, September 24, 2022

Polo Comes To St. Tammany

 In July of 1977 polo came to St. Tammany, thanks to the efforts of many people interested in the horseback sport, and the building of a new barn on Stafford Road just outside of Covington. 

Here is an article from a local newspaper some 45 years ago.

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In 1984, the polo barn was put up for sale. 

Today the area is home to a number of polo farms. According to the New Orleans Polo Club website,  polo fields taking part in the 2022 season include Innisfree Farm near Folsom, SummerGrove Farm on Hwy. 40, Terral Farm in Bush, and Carpathia Farm north of Covington. 

Scenes from the 1994 Innisfree Tournament

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