Friday, January 29, 2021

Horse Farm Maps From Years Ago

This map of St. Tammany Parish horse farms in the 1970's gives you a good idea of just how many there were and how spread out they were around the parish. The map itself is a photocopy so it is blurred in some spots. I can't make out the numbers of the ranch locations and I can't read all the ranch names in the list, but I have transcribed what I could make out. There are a few omissions and hard-to-read labels.

If anyone has a clearer copy of the map and a complete list of the horse ranch/farms, please let me know over on my Facebook page. Thanks. 

Click on the image to make it larger. 

The concentrations of thoroughbred horse ranches were around the Folsom area, but there were quite a few along Old Military Road and new Military Road, as well as three in Pearl River and one in Slidell. 

Here's a link to current day horse facilities according to Google Maps.  For some reason it doesn't show all the horse breeding and training facilities. 

Here's another map of horse farms from years ago, this one provided by Cindy Busby Lasseigne. It is also a little blurred and has some pieces missing. 

Combining the lists of horse farms from the two above maps, we come up with the following list of horse farms in St. Tammany from years ago, which still is incomplete and contains some errors due to the condition of the maps.

A & I Str Stallion Station
Always Quarter Horses
American Classic Thoroughbred
Argus Acres
Bar M Ranch
Black River Ranch
Bogue Falaya Farms
Brehon Farms
Briar Hill Farm
Briarwood Stables
Brignac Farm
Broken R Ranch
Brown's Arabians
C&C Farm
Camino Ranch
Cathcart Farm
Champagne's Stables
Clear Creek Stud
Colonial Oaks Farm
Core Farm
Country Square Horse Farm
Cranberry Hill Farm
Daspit Farm
David Farm & Equine Center
Dixieland Ranch
Domino Farm
Donic Thompson
Dorignac Farm
D & P Farms
E. Bar M. Quarter Horses
Fabacher Ranch
Faraway Farms
Fitzmorris Farm
Gentleoaks Quarter Horse Farm
Golden T Ranch
Green Acres
Green Valley Farms
Greenway Farms
H & H Ranch
H & R Ranch
Harmony Farms
Heck Farm
Heraldry Farm
Hermadel Farms
Hill Breeze Farm
Hillside Farm
Hilltop Farm
Hoi Toi Stable
Holly Acres
Horstmann Farm
Ironhead Farm
Jacobs Farm
John Shea Farms
Kelley Green Stables
LeBlanc Farms
Leon Roberts
Levi Farms
Lewis Stables
Liberty Oaks
L & K Quarter Horses
Lucky Acres
Malarkie Farms
Masson Farm
Mauberret Farm
McIntyre Farm
Meadowdale Farm
Middlebrook Farm
Miller Farm
Montage Farm
Northlake Thoroughbreds
Oak Hill Ranch
O'Brien Farm
Paciera Hill Farm
Pinehill Farms
Pleasant Hill Farm
Quigley Farm
Racer's Rest Farm
Raleigh Taylor Quarter Horses
Rayburn Farm
Red Benoit Quarter Horses
Rocking H Ranch
Rocking M
Rocking S Stables
Royal Kraft Thoroughbreds
Running Acres
Running Q
Rusty C Quarter Horses
Saddlewood Farms
Schoultz Farm
Shaw Farm
Simonson Farm
Square S
Stephenson Farm & Equine Clinic
Sun Creek Farms
Swinging "H" Quarter Horses
Tall Pines
Tautog Farm
Tharp Farm
Timberline Quarter Horses
Triangle M Farm
Triple E Farm
Triple F
Vanderhilder Farm
Vince & Vicki Alford
Wedgewood Farms
White Oaks
Who's Who Quarter Horses
Wild Wing Ranch
Windy Hill Ranch
Woodbine Farm
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