Sunday, January 3, 2021

President's Arts Awards for 2017-2018

 Two years ago, the St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister held the 2017-2018 President's Arts Awards. Here are the artists who were recognized for their outstanding contributions to arts in the community. 

Performing Artist of the Year: Ginger and Rickie Luke - Cafe Luke Dinner Theater

Visual Artist of the Year: Marcia Holmes

Musical Artist of the Year: Missi Spinosa

Literary Artist of the Year: Michelle Hirstius

Culinary Artist of the Year: Duffel Ramirez, Palmettos on the Bayou

Patron Of The Year: Covington Three Rivers Art Festival
Cliff Bergeron

President's Award: Northlake Performing Arts Society
Alissa Rowe (Music Director)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Willie Paretti 

Willie Paretti's son and daughter Stacey Rase & Craig Paretti

To view a video featuring interviews with the above award winners,

Video produced by Access St. Tammany public access channel. 

Alissa Rowe, Pat Brister and Sandy Hughes
Northlake Performing Arts Society Receives Award