Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Northlake Performing Arts Society

Every so often a group of people in St. Tammany Parish get together to sing. This year they did four concerts, and next year they will do four more. It's the Northlake Performing Arts Society, or NPAS for short. 

Since 1995, The Northlake Performing Arts Society has brought outstanding musical presentations to the Northshore. Founded by Laura Lane, who was inspired by the profound changes music can bring to our lives, the NPAS Chorale skillfully blends a wide range of professions, experience, musical training and ages with a passion for beautiful music.

Known for musical excellence and award-winning performances, NPAS performs major classical works as well as Broadway and contemporary music. Its repertoire ranges from Brahms to Mozart, from Pirates of Penzance and Mikado to Godspell plus a bi-annual Madrigal Feaste. 

Laura Lane

The Chorale has performed under its founder, Laura Lane, director Dr. Meg Frazier and its current artistic director, Dr. Alissa Rowe, as well as Arthur Fagan, Moses Hogan and other distinguished conductors. The Northlake Performing Arts Society is a non-profit organization, funded by gifts and donations from people who share a passion for great music.

To hear an audio file of Laura Lane explaining how the group began, click on the video below.

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