Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shipyards of St. Tammany

Over the years, St. Tammany has been home to several large shipyards. Thousands of men and women worked their daily, contributing to the well-being of the U.S. maritime fleet and warships when needed. Here are some photographs of those shipyards.Click on the images to make them larger. 

Jahncke Shipyards at Madisonville, above

Video panning across 1917 photo of Jahncke Shipyards


According to Tim Colton, over at the website, the shipyard in Slidell was originally established by Fritz Salmen in the 1880s: it became Slidell Shipbuilding in 1914 and Canulette Shipbuilding in 1919.  It was sold in 1954 and renamed J. & S. Shipbuilding, then sold again in 1957 and renamed Southern Shipbuilding.  To see a list of ships built at the Southern Shipbuilding location, CLICK HERE.

Southern Shipbuilding closed in 1993 and the facility has been razed.  


View of the office building at Louisiana Shipyard in Slidell.  

Louisiana Shipyards, Slidell, 1930's 


Shipbuilding crews at Madisonville


Video panning across shipbuilding crews photograph above

Madisonville 1975

Equitable Equipment Company was the world's largest builder of LASH and SEABEE barges, building over 730 LASH Barges valued in excess of $35 million. The company built various types of offshore support vessels as well, ocean-going tugs, tugs for harbor and inland waterways operations, self-propelled drilling ships, general purpose barges, and other marine equipment for the maritime and petroleum industries. 

According to Tim Colton over on the website,   "Equitable Equipment Company was founded by Neville Levy in 1921.  In 1966, they acquired the former Higgins Industries yard on the Industrial Canal in New Orleans, which had closed in 1963, and began to build boats there, using the name Equitable Shipyards, while the Madisonville yard continued to build barges.  Equitable was acquired by Trinity Industries in 1972 and both yards continued in operation until 1996, when Trinity spun off the New Orleans yard as part of Halter Marine Group." To view a table that attempts to list all the barges built by Trinity in the Madisonville yard, CLICK HERE.

Also according to Tim Colton over on the website,   "Balehi Marine of Lacombe LA was founded in 1975 by David P. Levy, a graduate of the US Naval Academy who had worked at Equitable Equipment for 30 years.  The company was unusual in that Levy, although the owner, filled the position of VP Engineering.  In addition, although small, they built boats in steel, aluminum and fiberglass. They closed in 1992.  The yard even had an unusual location, way up Lacombe Bayou, north of Slidell, miles from a navigable waterway." To see a list of ships that were built at Balehi Marine, CLICK HERE.