Tuesday, June 7, 2016

West St. Tammany Was A Happening Place

At the beginning of the 20th century, with the hundreds of people arriving in St. Tammany Parish each summer, by boat, by train, even by the new-fangled automobile, all these folks needed something to do. Sitting around, breathing in the healthy ozone air and drinking artesian water, was great, but some kind of activity was needed, too. So history has left us tickets, a variety of tickets to a variety of balls, dances, and get togethers, some to raise funds, some just to have fun, and some for the means of transportation to get to the fun. 

Click on the images below to review some of the tickets that were being sold and punched in St. Tammany, circa the 1900's. Some of the New Orleans tickets were to get to the boat docks on Lake Pontchartrain to board a steamer to head for the north of the lake.

Here's a ticket to ride on the St. Tammany and New Orleans Railways and Ferry Co., good for a round trip and apparently used on the Mandeville to Covington portion of the excursion on December 30, 1915.