Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Official City of Covington Song

Here are the words to the official City of Covington song, which was adopted in 1992. The name of the song is "In Love Again With Covington"

I'm in love again with Covington, the most peaceful place I've ever been,
A town to fulfill almost every desire, A quiet retreat one has to admire.

I love to walk down oak-shaded streets, To sit on Lion stadium seats,
To float in a boat on the river so still, from Tchefuncte Square to Claiborne Hill.

Saying hello, picking up the mail, Warming a bench at the Southern Hotel,
Drinking coffee with the courthouse staff, Sharing the news, enjoying a laugh.

Covington's surely the place to be, To settle down with your family,
A beautiful place to come retire, Play a golf game and join the choir.

To live every day without a care, To live in the sun, breathe Ozone air,
Artesian water, flowing oh so pure, A great place to live, that's for sure.

If you're looking for inspiration, Go where life is a celebration.
Your search for serentity surely will end, Where the Bogue Falaya and Tchefuncte blend.

I'm in love again with Covington, Covington, Louisiana
I'm at home again in Covington, Covington, you are mine.

To hear a dulcimer version of the song, click on the video below. 

For some background information on the song, click on the article image below.

Rose Anne Bivens

Rose Anne sings the Covington song at the Covington Bicentennial Celebration, Bogue Falaya Park, July 4, 2013. Click on "play triangle" to view video. 


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