Thursday, June 23, 2016

Most Talkative Bridge In The World

In 1994 I noticed that the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, in addition to being a lot of concrete and steel, also had a lot of antennas sticking up here and there. As I looked into it, the bridge had invested a lot of money into radio communications to aid motorists, communicate with marine traffic, and make things easier all the way around.

In fact, in addition to being the longest bridge in the world, it was probably "the most talkative bridge in the world," with all the different ways it used radio to serve its customers, the motorists who drive over it everyday. And today, it has even more antennas thanks to the addition of cellular telephones and other forms of radio. Some of the innovations listed in the article may seem dated now, but at the time they were put into service, they were "on the cutting edge."

Here is the article I wrote in 1994 for the magazine "National Scanning Report," and a photo of the now gone south shore causeway office and its antennas. Click on the images below to see a larger version.