Friday, June 17, 2016

Pearl River Pictorial Map

The business pictorial map of Pearl River was drawn in 1986, thirty years ago. Click on the image below to see a larger version.

 Here is the text that is printed on the map:

The town of Pearl River began as a railroad station on the New Orleans and Northeastern line, wth the first train passing through on  October 15, 1883, near W. B. Porter's Store. The community was originally called Halloo, but in 1888 the name of the post office was changed to Pearl, and then to Pearlville. Eventually the community took on the name of the rail station, however. The train depot was built in 1886, with excursions run to a new pavilion built nearby. Today the area is well known for its excellent hunting and fishing in the nearby Honey Island Swamp, and each year thousands of people come from far and wide to enjoy the annual Catfish Festival. Linked by Interstate Hwy. 59 and La. Hwy. 41, the town offers outstanding rail, waterway, and highway access.