Saturday, January 14, 2017

Arbor Day Give-away

The Keep Covington Beautiful organization gave tree seedlings away on Saturday, January 14,  in honor of Louisiana Arbor Day. Working from a booth at the Covington Farmer's Market, members gave area residents a choice of two seedlings from a variety of tree species, including American Beech, Bald Cypress, Cherrybark Oak, Swamp Chestnut Oak, Crabapple, Dahoon Holly, Grancy Greybeard, and Sparkleberry. 

Louisiana Arbor Day encourages the planting of trees, and the giving away of seedlings is a time-honored tradition in a number of states. Here are some photographs of the event at the Farmers Market. 

Arbor Day is a nationally celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and care. Though usually observed in the spring, the date varies from state to state, depending on climate and suitable planting season.The state of Louisiana designates the third Friday in January as Arbor Day.