Thursday, February 16, 2017

The History of Abita Springs Middle School

Abita Springs Middle School was built in 1923 (some 94 years ago). Throughout the years it has been a grammar school, a junior high school, and is currently a middle school. 

In the years prior to 1969 the school itself was a good deal smaller. The top floor of the building held two offices of town hall.  Even the firehouse had residence in that historic main building.

During those years the school yard was confined to a much smaller area, the rest belonged to the state park next door, where the pavilion was. In the early years A.S.M.S. had grades 1-8, and  the classrooms had two grade levels in each classroom.

 A class from the early 1960's

In 1969, the school became Kindergarten through eighth grade, with 225 students in attendance. There were only 4 school buses. In and around 1973 9th grade was added until Covington Jr. High was established. At this time there were only two main buildings which were the old two story building and the oldest, now 5th grade wing.  

In the early 1980’s the school changed to only grades 4-9 due to the completion of Abita Springs Elementary School. The 4th grade soon moved over to the elementary school but in 1995 was moved back to the current campus.

In 1990 the 9th grade moved to Covington High School, followed quickly by the movement of 7th and 8th over to Fontainebleau Jr. High School, which happened in 1995.

Miss Mamie Paysinger was principal from 1933-37, and Earl Riley was principal in 1942. In 1961 Louis M. Peters became principal after having taught 8th grade. 

Mr. Lee Hebert was principal for many years until Mrs. Margaret Sharpe became principal from 1992-1996. Carole Risher took over the helm after Mrs. Sharpe and was principal from 1996-2001. Julie Matte then took over as the head administrator and was principal from 2001-2006, after which Donna Forrest became principal.

The preceding information is reprinted from a Powerpoint presentation made by school officials around 2007. Click on the images below for a larger view. 

1936 School Record Book

1962 School Record Book

Louis Peter, 1960's

The 1981 Abita Springs Middle School Basketball Team

1991 School Football Team

1993 Cheerleaders

Faculty 1990

Faculty 1993

Faculty 1998

Photographs from 1993, some 24 years ago...