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Along The Line - Covington

In the early 1910's, the Southern Manufacturer Co. published a booklet extolling the virtues of the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain, primarily Covington and Slidell. It was called "Along The Line of the New Orleans Great Northern Railroad in Louisiana."

Here is the Covington section from the illustrated pamphlet. 

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As a Summer, Winter and Health Resort

Covington is located directly North of Lake Pontchartrain, 26 miles in a direct line from New Orleans, and 60 miles by rail, as the line describes a circle around the eastern shore of the lake.

It is delightfully situated between the Bogue Falaya and Tchefuncta River, just above the forks, an ideal place for a city; well drained, sandy and dry soil, surrounded and still to a large extent covered with the virgin pine forest that gives a delightful rustic effect to the many attractive homes, hotels, cottages and educational institutions for which the city has become noted, and ladens the balmy air from the Gulf with its health-giving ozone.

According to the United States health statistics at Washington, Covington is the second healthiest spot in the United States.

Added to the natural beauties of the place is the unusual one of peculiarly healthful water, that has for fifty years made it a noted health resort. The natural springs are highly medicinal, and especially helpful in the healing of all kidney troubles, liver diseases, dyspepsia, chronic diarrhoea, catarrh, constipation, nervousness, general debility and almost any unnatural condition.

The water from the flowing artesian wells is pronounced to be the purest in the United States, and may be had everywhere for the drilling with a high enough natural pressure to carry it through the second story of the home without artificial force. One of these flowing wells may be had anywhere in Covington at a depth of 500 or 600 feet, while an equally pure and wholesome water may be obtained anywhere in the city from a fine strata of gravel laying but 100 feet below the surface.

The healthfulness of Covington has been variously ascribed to:

1st. The ozone in its atmosphere. The presence of ozone in unusual proportions has been demonstrated in the pine-laden air of Covington. 

2nd. The remarkable purity of its artesian waters, and the medicinal value of their mineral contents. Analysis of the waters of Covington show them to be free of injurious impurities, and of great medicinal value; mineral springs abound in and around Covington.

3rd. The dryness of its sub-soil. The sandy clay streaked soil and rolling ground insure good surface drainage and quick re­moval of sub-soil moisture after rainfalls.

All respiratory ailments are beneficially affected by residence in Covington.   This is due, probably, to its atmospheric excellence.
The waters of Covington seem to favorably influence the course of digestive disorders and kidney disease; while nervous condi­tions, insomnia and restlessness from mental strain or physical de­bility, are promptly and markedly improved in Covington.

Convalescents from any disease are quickly restored to health and strength in Covington.

In the Winter, Covington offers to its northern visitors a brac­ing atmosphere with the possibilities of outdoor life with safety, and in the Summer the cool shades of its forest drives and natu­ral parks invite the tired worker from the hot cities. As a per­manent residence for all seasons, Covington is unsurpassed.

Covington has shelled streets and good roads for carriage and automobile drives. Covington has splendid churches and schools, two hanks, and an up-to-date fire department and a beautiful new City Park. known as the Bogue Falaya Park. Covington has a population of about 4,000. 

THE SOUTHERN HOTEL, at Covington has accommoda­tions for sixty guests and is without a doubt one of the hand­somest resort hotels in the South. Its magnificent lawns shaded by handsome trees, is one of the very attractive features. 

The tennis court, the shell walks and driveway into the grounds, has been commented on by guests fortunate enough to enjoy the hos­pitality offered by the proprietor and manager of this hostelry. The building is steam heated in the winter and all of the rooms being outside rooms, the hotel being designed in the shape of a letter H.   

There is two hundred feet of wide galleries, two large sun parlors upon the roof and a ladies reception parlor on the sec­ond floor in addition to a ladies parlor on the 1st floor which ad­joins the spacious lobby.   A fountain constantly playing in the center of the lobby adds to the refreshing coolness one enjoys. 

In addition to catering to the summer trade, the Southern makes an ideal family hotel for tourist, both summer and winter and located as it is in the heart of the Famous Ozone Belt its super­ior as a health resort, does not exist. The Southern was erected at a cost of $100,000.   

Dr. D. Harvey Dillon is the proprietor. Mr. Frank Patin, the manager, is one of the most popular and best known hotel men in the South.   For years past he has been identified with the leading houses in this section of the State. - In addition to presiding at the desk, receiving guests, etc., Mr. Patin during meal hours, gives his personal attention to the pantry and kitchen department, supervising every dish served.   The kitchen and pantry are in a state of perfect cleanliness.   It is sanitary, well-ventilated and well lighted.  The chef and his assistants are first class men formerly in the employ of first class hotels and res­taurants in New Orleans.

Leading Institutions and Commercial Enterprises of Covington.

has been established as a grocery mer­chant four years and the phenomenal success that he has met with is attributed not only to the high class goods which he car­ries but to his personal popularity. He is the youngest merchant at Covington. He takes a lively interest in all of the improve­ments going* on and owns a handsome home on 22d Avenue. Besides his large store he has a large warehouse located in the rear. He draws trade as far distant as eleven miles away in addition to shipments along the Great Northern & Baton Rouge-Hammond and Eastern Railroad.  Mr, Caseta is the manager of the Covington Baseball Club and a prominent member of the Woodmen.

THE FASHION STORE is one of the popular trade empori­ums of Covington. It is conducted by Mr. S. Garcia, and though the business is but four years old the reputation of the house has extended throughout St. Tammany and Washington parishes, Mr. Garcia makes a specialty of carrying fresh stock and up-to-date lines.   

He has the exclusive agency for the Regent shoes in addition to other high grade lines.   He has on hand a large assort­ment of dry goods, dress goods, fancy goods, and notions and ladies and children's ready-to wear goods.   Recently Mr. Garcia had a ten-day factory sale of goods that were marked down, and it was the cause of drawing thousands of people from all parts of the country, even as far as Hammond and Slidell.  

Many times throughout the period of the sale the crush was so great he was compelled to close his store in order to attend to the wants of those in the store, this despite the fact that he had employed a large auxiliary force of salesmen.  He contemplates many improve­ments in connection with his business.  Since residing here Mr. Garcia has taken an active interest in Covington's affairs, being an honorary member of the Jefferson Fire Co., also a member of Kovington Karnival Klub and of the Bogue Falaya Park Com­mission.

located in the Southern Hotel Building, is without a doubt the leading drug establishment in Covington. The business has been established three and a half years, all of the store fixtures and show cases are handsomely finished in mahogany. The soda fountain being particularly at­tractive as it is finished in onyx and mahogany. Mr. C E. Schonberg the proprietor moved here from St James, La. where he was conducting the leading drug store and at the same time serving as Post Master. Mr. Schonberg has on hand a full fine of pure drugs, stationery candy, toilet articles, etc.  He takes an enthusiastic interest in local affairs and is secretary of the Bogue Falaya Park Commission.

ST. TAMMANY BANKING CO. & SAVINGS BANK began business on August 27, 1905, and has made phenominal progress ever since. It has a capital stock of $50,000 and surplus, and undivided profits (earned) of about $12,000. Deposits total about $225,000.00. This bank is prominently identified with the American Bankers Association, as well as the Louisiana Bankers Association. The equipment of the Bank at Covington is modern in every respect, there being safety deposit boxes and all of the safe guards and protections of the funds and securities.

 Every officer and employee of this bank is bonded and the Bank is heavily insured against burglary or hold-up losses. The offi­cers and directors is composed of men who are leaders as mer­chants, and manufacturers, comprising the President, Harvey E. Ellis; First Vice-President, W..A. Hood; Second Vice-President, P. H.Hansbrough; Cashier, Robt. L. Aubert; Assistant Cashiers, Jno. F. Diendorf, and F. Edw. Vix. 

The directors in full are: Messrs. A. D. Crawford, W. A. Hood, Herman Levy, C. F. Hardie, A. Dupre, Sr.; Chas. A. David, Ernest Prieto, J. L. Watkins, Jacob Seiler. Harvey E. Ellis, J. H. Hansbrough, Wm, A. Dixon, F. J. Domergue. Jr., John H. Davis and Robt. L. Aubert.

HAINER-ALFORD CO., Jewelers, since locating in Coving­ton in March, 1909, report a very successful business. This com­pany has a large well-stocked jewelry establishment in the South­ern Hotel building fronting on the Court House Square. They have in stock an immense line of diamonds, watches, clocks, jewelry, silverware, cut glass ware and hand-painted chinaware. 

The Optical Department is thorough and up-to-date in every respect. This firm also has a large jewelry establishment at Mc-Comb City, Miss. They draw trade as far as twenty miles distant. A successful repairing business has also been established. The show cases and fixtures are of mahogany finish. This firm has the exclusive agency for the Victor and Edison Talking machines and have on hand at all times all of the popular and high class records. As official railroad watch inspectors for the Y. & M. V., the I. C. and the Baton Rouge, Hammond & East­ern Railroads, they are well known throughout this territory.

D. J. SANDERS, the proprietor of the Acme Book and News Depot has been identified with St. Tammany Parish for the past five years. He has just moved into his new store which is fitted up with a splendid line of stationery; postcards and the latest magazines and publications. Mr. Sanders takes a prominent part in local affairs, as the Secretary of the Kovington Karnival Klub; Secretary of the Chemical Fire Company, and a prominent mem­ber of the Bogue Falaya Park Commission.

MESSRS. M. & V. PLANCHE are the proprietors of the Peoples' Bakery which is the largest baking plant in this section of the State. It is operated by electric power and is equipped with all of the up-to-date labor saving devices, including mixer, roller and steam patent oven,' etc. 

An extensive trade has been developed both locally and in wholesale shipments to points along the New Orleans and Great Northern R. R.. and also the Baton Rouge, Hammond and Eastern R. R. Mr. Maurice Planche who is also the general manager of the business is one of the most progressive citizens of the town. 

For three consecutive terms he has been one of the most influential members of the council. He is also a director of the St. Tammany Ice & Mfg. Co., and of the Covington Steam Laundrv. Hs is a prominent member of the local lodges of the Knights of Columbus and Woodmen, and also the Jefferson Fire Co.

FRED PAPE embarked in the jewelry business on a very smail scale several months ago, conducting a very small jewelry shop.

Owing to the rapid increase in business he was compelled to seek larger quarters and he rented a handsome store in the Covington Bank and Trust Building which he has equipped with the very handsomest of mahogany fixtures, shelving and showcases, all of up-to-date pattern. He has installed an elegant line of diamonds, watches, clocks, jewelry novelties, silverware, cut glass ware, hand-painted chinaware. 

His repairing department is thorough, besides being an expert watch maker himself, he has an expert jewelry manufacturer in charge of this department and is pre­pared to handle outside work in this line. Mr. Pape has been a resident of Covington for the past three years. He was formerly identified for eighteen years with the New Orleans Jewelry House of Frantz & Opitz. 

He is a prominent member of Covington Lodge No. 188, F. and A. M., and is a valued member of the Board of Directors of the Kovington Karnival Klub. He draws trade within a radius of thirty-five miles of Covington.

OZONIA REST CURE conducted by Dr. Geo. R. Tolson is a beautifully situated private home-like resort for those desirous of real rest and recreation. It is situated right in the heart of the Ozone belt on tbe outskirts of Covington. The grounds are laid out as a natural park and comprise twelve acres overlooking the beautiful Bogue Falaya River.   Through these grounds are  well-kept walks and drives and an ideally rustic environment. The grounds are delightfully shaded with oaks, magnolias, pines, and other trees. The water supply is abundant and perfectly pure; home comforts, home cooking make the Ozonia Rest Cure a place never to be forgotten. The house is open throughout the year and has accomodations for as many as thirty guests. There is a perfect system of heating, hot and cold baths and other con­veniences.

 THE OAKS is delightfully situated on the edge of Coving­ton.   It overlooks the banks of the Bogue Falaya River. Guests are received and entertained throughout the year and accommodations are ample for forty guests.   The house, with its Southern exposure is comfortable both in winter and summer.   Guests are provided with all of the modern conveniences including hot and cold baths. 

Mrs. V. C. Allain, the hostess has been conducting the Oaks for the past nine years and she seeks to make every­thing attractive and homelike to those within her house. Appli­cants suffering with lung trouble are not received at the Oaks. The water supply is from a very fine artesian well. It has been chemically analyzed and found to be absolutely pure. The rates are reasonable and the meals and service is of the best.

The Riverside Inn

One of the Most Attractive and Picturesque Resorts in the ' 'Ozone Belt"

RIVERSIDE INN overlooking the famous and historic Bogue Falaya River and located just ten minutes drive from the depot, is an ideal resort for those desiring absolute rest and re­creation, removed from all noise and excitement while those an­xious to indulge in the gayeties are equally well provided for. 

This resort is open the year round. The Bogue Falaya River winds in and about through the grounds which are shaded by magnificent oaks, magnolias, pine, cherry and pecan trees. The cuisine is first class, supplying its guests with the best the market affords and daintily served. 

The equipment and furnishings of the house are new and the rooms are large and well ventilated. The building has southern exposure, and is provided with Sanitary conveniences, hot and cold baths, etc. The water sup­ply of Riverside Inn is pure and abundant. It is furnished by deep artesian wells whose waters are as clear as crystal and 99 per cent pure. 

Riverside Inn is conducted by Mr. S. W. Prague a hotel man of long experience.  He was* formerly connected with the St. Francis Hotel of San Francisco and the St. Charles and Grunewald Hotels of New Orleans. 

OSTENDORF & PATECEK, this firm is conducting one of the most  popular  gents'   furnishing, and  tailoring estab­lishments in this section of Louisiana.   The firm is composed of Mr. H. J. Ostendorf who has been prominently identified with the commercial affairs of Covington as manager of the Mercantile Department of Jones & Pickett.  

Prior to that time Mr. Osten­dorf occupied responsible positions in New Orleans with D. H. Holmes and Kaufman & Isaacs.  

Mr. Frank Patecek is the junior member of this firm who has been engaged in business in Coving­ton for the past six years.   He was formerly with the firm of Leon Godchaux Co. of New Orleans, prior to which time he was associated with leading tailoring houses in London, Paris and New York.  

Ostendorf & Patecek have a very attractive store in the new Hebert Building, equipped with up-to-date store fixtures and carry in stock an immense line of all kinds of gents furnish­ings and up-to-date patterns in the merchant tailoring line. They have built up a wonderfully successful trade throughout the parish of St. Tammany.

is now serving his third term as a member of the police jury of St. Tammany Parish. He was first appointed by Gov. Francis T. Nichols to fill an unexpired term. Mr .Schultz has given his parish the benefits of a wise and conscientious service, and is recognized as one of the most valued members of that body. 

He is a life long citizen of the parish and has for many years past taken a leading interest in the improvement and upbuilding of the country. He owns a very large farm in the German settlement section along the Columbia road He .has considerable property interests and is recognized as one of the largest and most successful raisers of sheep in the entire parish.

J. STERN & SON is the title of the principal department store in Covington, established twelve years—the store building being a handsome structure of pressed brick 45 x 100 feet and equipped with the very latest type of fixtures, counters and showcases.

There is a large ware house in the rear. Besides the im­mense retail trade that has been established by this house a very satisfactory jobbing business is being developed with the smaller merchants and peddlers throughout Parishes of St. Tammany and Washington. Mr. E. Stern, the general manager of the busi­ness is a stock holder in the Covington Bank & Trust Co., St. Tammany Banking Co.& Savings Bank and the Southern Hotel Co. He also has extensive realty interests, as one of the owners of Stern's additions to Covington. This addition is located inside of the corporate limits. The land is high and well drained and the lots are from 265 feet to 377 feet in depth, with a frontage of too feet. They make very desirable residential properties and the lots are for sale cheap for cash or on reasonable terms.

JACOB SEILER has been prominently identified with Coving­ton for the past five years, moving from New Orleans, where he was successfully engaged in business for many years. 

Mr. Seiler is the President of the City Council of Covington and is serving a second term as a member of that body. He has always taken a very active interest in all public affairs.  He is the President and one of the organizers of the Covington Benevolent Fire Association. He is a prominent member of Chemical Fire Com­pany No.1 He has extensive realty interests and is a director of the St. Tammany Bank. He is one of the owners of the Seiler building which is one of the most modern structures of Coving­ton.

THE JEWEL CAFE is one of the principal saloons of the town. It occupies the entire ground floor of the Seiler Building. The bar fixtures and counters are immense, in handsome mahog­any and very elaborate in pattern. At the bar all the high grade brands of liquors are dispensed, including a large assortment of the principal brands of cigars, cigarettes and tobacco. During the season an oyster saloon is operated. The pool room is largely patronized.   

In connection with the jug and bottle trade, a very large business is being established in shipments of beer and liquors throughout Washington and St. Tammany Parish. All orders are promptly attended to. Besides the bottling department, a wine cellar is used for the storage of the finer grades of liquors. The proprietors of the Jewel Cafe are Messrs. N. J. Seiler, and J. Elchinger. Both of these gentlemen have been residents of the Parish for some years past. 

Mr. Seiler having been established as a grocery merchant.  He has extensive property interests and takes a leading part in fraternal affairs as a member of Holly Camp No. 9, W. (). W., and Bogue Falaya Grove No. 21, A. O. U. D. 

Mr. Seiler is also the driver of the Fire Engine of Chem­ical Eire Company. Mr. Elchinger is the President of the Kov­ington Karnival Klub. He is President of Chemical Fire Com­pany No. 1, and a prominent member of the Elks, Masons, Druids and the W. (). W. Mr. Elchinger is also the agent for St. Tam­many Parish of the Consumers Brewery. He has served as a member of the Bogue Falaya Park Commission.

 JOSEPH C. BECK has just succeeded to the firm of BECK & YOUNG, the leading firm of architects and build­ers in St. Tammany Parish. They have well-equipped offices at the corner of New Hampshire and Gibson St. 

The firm which is composed of Messrs. Jos. C. Beck and Thos. L. Young was founded three years ago. Since that time they have erected many of the attractive residences and handsome commercial buildings in this section of the state. Amongst buildings that they erected more recently was the Mandeville Branch Bank of the St. Tam­many Banking Co., & Savings Bank. 

St. Joseph's College con­structed of concrete and brick at a cost of $100,000, and the mag­nificent homes of C. F. Hardie, Jack Bokenfohr, Dr. L..L. Abbott, and Harry Piguet. They have recently completed plans for the erection of Baptist Churches both at Bogalusa and at Slidell, be­sides Catholic Parochial School buildings at Covington. 

They have also completed plans for numerous residences on the Bunga­low type for the Alexiusville Land & Improvement Co. Mr. Jos. Beck succeeded his father who was engaged in the construction business for many years. Both members of the firm are popular residents of this parish and stand high in commercial circles, hav­ing property interests and an extensive experience in the build-business. Another feature of their business which they have been highly successful with is the manufacture and installing of modern store and office fixture. This firm also designed the handsome pavilion in the Bogue Falaya Park.

THE GLEN COTTAGE is one of the most popular and has for the past thirteen years been one of the most successful select private resorts at Covington. The house is a new building with all of the modern improvements. 

Every room being a front room and opening on the galleries which are very broad. The grounds are thickly studded with pines and cover an entire square of ground. Glen Cottage is noted for its home comforts, French cookery and its out door recreations which include basketball, a tenis court, etc. The house is conducted bv Airs. F. A. Allain and is open from March to November. It is beautifully situated on the edge of Covington in one of the most picturesque of locations.

C. BECK has been a resident of Covington for the past twentyfive years and for twelve years he was one of the promi­nent contractors and builders, during which time he has erected many of the stores along the main business streets, besides a large number of residences,  he recently retired from the building business and embarked in real estate.   

Mr. Beck has for sale, improved and unimproved town and country properties, small farms suitable for truck farming dairying or poultry raising. He is also a large handler of timber and cut over lands.  He makes a specialty of rental property in Covington, and is prepared to fur­nish admirable sites for the location of manufacturing plants.

WALLACE M. POOLE is conducting the leading livery and undertaking establishment at Covington, as Hardie & Poole, the business was founded ten years ago, but in 1909 Mr. Wallace Poole bought his brother's interests and is conducting the busi­ness himself .The stable is a large two story building 50 X150 feet.   Mr Poole is a licensed embalmer and has on hand a large supply of funeral supplies. 

He is a prominent member of the Karnival Klub. the Woodmen, and a stock-holder in the St. Tam­many Bank, Southern Hotel Company, St. Tammany Ice Mfg.Co., and the Covington Steam Laundry, besides being foreman 45 of Jefferson fire Co. No. 1.

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