Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Covington Lions Club Charter Program 1943

On July 15, 1943, the Covington Lions Club held a dinner meeting at Lyon High School to commemorate its new charter. On her Facebook page, Mary Busby Frindik shared a printed program from the Covington Lions Club Charter Meeting as part of her Andrew Erwin collection. Here is the first page from the program. 

Area residents who were charter members of the Lions Club included Oliver J. Hebert (President), Ralph N. Menetre (First Vice President), Dr. Walter D. Simmons (Second Vice President), J. G. Canterbury (Third Vice President), Sigmund J. Katz (Secretary Treasurer), Rev. J.C. Rousseaux (Lion Tamer), and Louis L. Mahon (Tail Twister).

On the Board of Directors were Robert H. White, Lawrence C. Frederick, Henry L. Mayfield, and Andrew L. Erwin. Other members were Dave I. Addison, L. B. Allen, Dalton J. Barringer, J. L. Borne, Zadric E. Boyd, Thomas E. Brunning Jr., Bennie Fontan, Hubert Gallagher, Barton Hebert, J. Emmet Hudson, Paul J. Lacroix, Louis L. Marion, Earl McGinnis, Emile Menetre, R. Compton Moise, Joseph L. Ostendorf, James Plummer, Richard Privette, R. L. Trigg, Henry Vergez, J. Harry Warner Jr. and Robert White.