Monday, May 14, 2018

Port Louis Plans Premier

On March 23, 1983, the plans were unveiled for phase one of the Port Louis sailing residential development on Lake Pontchartrain west of Madisonville. The proposed layout of the "country sailing village" was pretty impressive. 

Port Louis was planned for a 300 acre site, with the design based on a similar 1966 development on the French Riviera near St. Tropez by the same architect.

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The entire Port Louis project was not completed, but a few homes were built.

Entrance to Port Louis - Google Street View

Aerial view 2010

Port Lewisburg - Ten Years Earlier

It wasn't the first time a major subdivision development had been proposed on the north shore near Madisonville. In 1973, ten years earlier, there had been proposed a "Port Lewisburg" just west of Lewisburg.

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The area to be affected by Port Lewisburg