Saturday, August 3, 2019

Fishing At St. Paul's Pond

For decades the pond at St. Paul's College and High School in Covington has provided many a youngster's first experience in fishing. On afternoons and some weekends, there were always two or more kids trying their luck with cane poles, fishing rods and (on some occasions) nets. 

Here are a couple of pictures from 20 years ago of members of a Cub Scout group and their siblings trying to reel in a few.

The joy of fishing at St. Paul's pond

Over on Facebook, quite a few people said the above pictures stirred a few of their own memories of fishing at St. Paul's. Mayor Mark Johnson remembered catching a few outstanding catfish, and Tim O'Conner recalled how in the 1970's, the school cafeteria would give out bread crumbs to youngsters to help them bait a hook or just feed the ducks at the pond. 

There were also ducks at the St. Paul's pond
(St. Tammany Farmer April 22, 1976)