Saturday, August 31, 2019

Rose Anne Bivens - Folk Singer

Here's a gallery of photos and videos featuring Rose Anne Bivens, Covington/Abita Springs singer extraordinaire. She has earned a wide reputation for her singing and teaching music as well as her playing guitar. She specializes in Louisiana folk music.

Click the following link for an Abita Springs Opry performance:


The Abita Springs Opry website describes Rose Anne with these words: Roseanne Bivens is a local musician with a wide music repertoire.  She made her debut in the 1960s when folk music was popular on college campuses.  Since that time her talents have been in demand throughout the area.  She is also an accomplished music teacher."

Rose Anne performing at a Columbia Street block party, with Nikki Barranger in the rocking chair in front

To view a video of Roseanne Bivens and David Bivens 
performing at the Abita Springs Opry,

According to the album description, Walter’s Garden is a collection of songs by Rose Anne Bivens and Nikki Barranger. Accompanying Rose Anne are her two sons: David Bivens, vocal harmony, guitar, twelve-string, banjo, and slide – while Thomas Bivens contributes bass. Nikki plays on Dawlins and sings harmony on his eponymous Walter’s Garden, while Jerry Embree (appearing courtesy of the Abita Music Company) adds his sax on Minnesota’s Requiem. Jerry Hess provides the occasional drum; Suzanne Harper strikes Nikki’s Celtic harp on Homeless, and Karen Jung plays the cello on When You Are Old and Love is Not All. Barranger took part in the production of two CD's with Rose Anne.

2013 Covington Bicentennial Celebration

She enjoys doing local concerts with her son David, although singing in front of people is something she had to work to get used to. At one time she had enrolled in the roster of performing artists available in the state of Louisiana to demonstrate the various types of folks music.

She wrote a couple of programs in which she would tell a little about the history of St. Tammany Parish, who were the people here and how it got started. One talk was about "what a day would be like in colonial America." It told the story of two children, Jonathan and Abigail, who were witness to some important historical events. "I did several of those programs, and they were fun," she said.

Her teaching efforts included guitar and piano, and her venture with Carol Jahncke and Jerry Hess to create, record and sell locally-written songs about St. Tammany Rivers "was really something,"  she said. "She came up with the idea, and we had known each other for quite a while, so it was interesting." Carol Jahncke had a lot of energy, she recalls, and she was a very creative person. "She and Pat Clanton dreamed up the idea for the park at Columbia Landing," Bivens said. "Another creative person is Mary Davis in Abita Springs. She came up with a lot of good ideas for Abita, and they named her Citizen of the Year just recently."

Bivens likes to share tidbits about history and the "old days" of St. Tammany Parish. She would like to see a group of Covington "longtime residents" get together and talk about how things used to be. 

2016 Dancescape Christmas Presentation

At the Piney Woods Opry, with Jerry Hess

At the Piney Woods Opry

Playing music for the Dance Players Holiday Event at Courthouse