Saturday, November 9, 2019

Three Rivers Art Fest Draws Thousands

This year's Three Rivers Festival brought thousands of visitors and art enthusiasts to Covington recently, offering dozens of art-filled booths and exhibits along six blocks of Columbia Street in Covington, with a number of other galleries taking advantage of the thousands of festival visitors as well. 

Here are some photos from Saturday morning. The event continued through Sunday early afternoon. Click on the images to make them larger. 

Big Easy Birdhouses by Gary Ward

Musicians Everywhere

Spanish Guitar Music by Oliver

Music on the Edge of the Lake Stage was provided by Brooke Hagler, Christian Serpas, Kass and Jon Michael, The In-Laws, Maddi Tripp, Reed Alleman, Jake Gunter, and Kathryn Rose Wood. 

Decorative Post Office Boxes by Lone Wolf Woodworks

Old musical instrument horns reborn as I-Phone speakers by ReAcoustic (Ryan Boase)

Sam Clark Art

At the St. Tammany Art Association 

In 2019, the Three Rivers Art Festival won the Patron Of The Year honors from the St. Tammany President Arts Awards for 2017-2018. Here's a link to a video by Cliff Bergeron telling of the history and success of the Covington Three Rivers Art Festival
CLICK HERE to view video with Cliff Bergeron

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