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Boating Auxiliary Celebrates Bicentennial

In February of 1976, this article from the News Banner told of the ceremonies and grand entertainment held by the Mandeville Boating Association Auxiliary in celebration of the American Bicentennial Year's Carnival festivities. 

This style of newspaper society writing may be a little too ornamental and wardrobe specific for some readers. 😊 Click on the images to make them larger and more readable. 


Excerpts from the article above:

The Mandeville Boating Association Auxiliary presented its Twenty-First Annual Carnival Ball at the MBAA Hall an Saturday, Feb. 21, 1976. The ballroom was transformed into a Gala Birthday Party contributing to the Bicentennial Celebration. The theme chosen was "Happy Birthday America."

The curtains parted to reveal the Captain, Mrs. Elaine Steimle, on the Portico of Monticello, as Martha Washington, the hostess of the Birthday Celebration, resplendent in a bouffant gown of Eggshell Alencon Lace and Aqua irridescent Embossed Brocade, featuring an overskirt of the aqua brocade falling in a short train. Aurora Borealis stones adorned the entire ensemble. She chose "This Land is My land" for her music.

Maids of the Court, as special guests of the party, represented women of the past who were in some way associated with the history of our Nation.

The first to appear, to the tune of "You're A Grand Old Flag," was Mrs. Pearl Smith as "Betsy Ross." Her gown of Red, White and Blue Satin, featured a fitted bodice, full hooped skirt with short train, embedded with rhinestones and white stars. Mr. Merton Smith was her duke.

Next Mrs. Myrtle Fineran, representing Abigail Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams,  entered to the sounds of "Minuet In G".wearing a Watteau gown of red embossed metallic brocade with center front of rhinestone embroidered white metallic brocade. The dress featured a flowing back and overskirt of red imported lace adorned with drop crystals and rhinestones    and her escort was Mr. Robert J Fineran.

Representing Martha Wales Jefferson, wife of Thomas Jefferson, Mrs Susie Woods appeared as the sounds of  "Swanee" were heard. Her gown featured a fitted bodice of peach crystalette over matching pole de sole with a bertha collar edged with metallic brocade ruffle. The bouffant skirt had a center panel of brocade. The overskirt of crystalette was edged with metallic brocade ruffle and roses of crystalette. She those as her duke Mr. Emilie A. Alt.

The tune of "Hello DoIIy* signified the appearance of Miss Pat DiBenedetto as Dolley Todd Madison, wife of James Madison. She was resplendent in a gown of pale blue pale de sole, featuring an off shoulder fitted bodice with leg o'mutton sleeves and full skirt. Inported blue re-embroidered lace and silver braid formed inserts on the bodice and skirt Belgian rhinestones were embedded on lace and braid. Her duke was Mr. Frank Puysu.

Mrs Lois Bellone entered to  the sounds of "Tennessee Waltz" and represented Rachel Robard Jackson, wife of Andrew Jackson. Her dress of green tissue taffeta and silver stripes was trimmed with silver leaves. and adorned with rhinestones. The dress featured a fitted square neckline bodice with fitted sleeves ending in low puffs and full hooped skirt. She was escorted by Mr. Christopher Bellone.

Appearing as Julia Gent Grant, wife of Ulysses S. Grant, was Mrs. Gail Bossier. Dressed in traditional style, the gown consisted of an off shoulder fitted bodice and overskirt of gold metallic brocade re-embroidered with brown flowers, and front insert and underskirt of candlelight pioe de sole. Large ecru imported lace ruffles adorned the neckline, puffed sleeves and skirt's hemline. Mr. Edward Bossier was her duke The musical selection was the "Blue Danube Waltz."

As the strains of "Dixie" floated throughout the Ball Room, Mrs. Jo Barbier entered, representing Varina Howell Davis, wife of Jefferson Davis. Her lavender pole de sole gown in Colonial style featured an off-shoulder fitted bodice with very full skirt. Her son Mr. Kenneth France, was selected as her duke.

The last to appear, Mrs. Zona Chatellier, entered as Madame  Anna Mathilda d'Marigny, wife of Bernard d'Marigny, to the tune of the "Mandeville Alma Mater." Her gown of pink eyelash cloth had a fitted off-shoulder bodice, bouffant skirt, silver embroidered black lace for color and skirt ruffle adorned with rhinestones. Serving as her duke was Mr. Arthur Chatellier.

As the hall resounded to the lyrics of "America the Beautiful," the Queen, Mrs. Jean Tessin, made her ap­pearance through the French doors of Monticello, representing America. She was beautifully attired in a gown of silver and white brocade studded  with Belgian rhinestones and drop crystals. The bodice was fitted and the full hoop skirt flowed gently to the floor. Her silver and white French lace collar was studded arid edged in rhinestones and drop crystals. 

The Queen's train was royal blue lame' with border of red satin and edged with white ermine fur. Dominating the center of the train was the Statute of Liberty in silver cloth and embedded with rhinestone. Thirteen silver and rhinestone stars portraying the thirteen original states rested on a field of blue. Highlighting the train was a multitude of rhinestones and aurora borealis. She wore silver gloves and carried a rhinestone scepter. Her crown featured a circle of rhinestone lattice work topped with stars. The Queen was escorted by her husband Mr. Nelson Tassin.
The Captain escorted Mrs. Peggy Jones, the 1975 Queen of Diamonds and her consort, Mr. Matthew Jones, to the royal throne to greet the Royal Couple, and join in a toast, served by Champagne Ladles, Mrs Juanita Andersen and Mrs. Ann Gordon, representing Indian Princesses These ladies wore dresses of ivory satin, adorned with multicolored sequins and trimmed with green fringe. An Indian hair style and moccasins completed their ensemble.

The former Queen was presented with the traditional red roses bouquet trimmed with red. white and blue ribbon. After the Queen and King were seated, the Krewe with their Kaptain, Mrs. Evelyn Bourcq, as the Statute of Liberty, and her husband as Uncle Sam, entertained the Court.

First, the Coachmen, Bernard F. Steimle and Fred Cham­pagne, presented the traditional Birthday Cake gaily decorated in red. white, and blue, to the Queen and King. As they approached the throne, the Court Jester Mrs. Jean Frosch popped out of the cake and amused everyone with her frolicking. Then, the Krewe, dressed as Early Settlers, Frontiersmen. Squaws and Braves, Camp Followers and Soldiers, paraded around the. floor throwing favors to the guests,


Feb. 25, 1976