Monday, January 13, 2020

Mandeville Old Photos

The Louisiana Digital Archives has a number of old photos and paintings in its collection dealing with Mandeville. Here are a few of them. Some of them are from originals held in the Historic New Orleans Collection. 

Click on the images to make them larger. 

A couple walking in Mugnier's Park in Mandeville

Painting by Trobriand, RĂ©gis de, 1816-1897, entitled "Mandeville." Painted sometime between 1879 - 1897. Features a view of a single-story house with attic, double-pitched roof over front porch, and blue-and-white striped awnings. A woman and child are on the steps with a female servant sitting on rail at left. A cabin and pidgeoniere are at left and two outbuildings are at right. Shows bayou in foreground and trees and grasses. around the house.

Leonard Theobald Flettrich painted this scene in the Mandeville Cemetery in 1936.

View of the Lake Pontchartrain shore in Mandeville, Louisiana. Cattle, a wagon, and an overturned boat appear in the foreground and a pier and camps are in the background. Photographed between 1880 and 1920

Unpaved Mandeville Street