Thursday, May 21, 2020

Lakeshore's First Yearbook

Lakeshore High School celebrated its first yearbook distribution and signing party in September of 2011.  Students are always excited to see and sign yearbooks when they are first distributed each year, but these Lakeshore yearbooks from the 2010-2011 school year were the very first ones ever for the new school which had opened up in 2010.

Here are some photos from the distribution event, accompanied by looking, sharing and signing among friends and faculty.

 Pictured above: Cole Freeman, Jamie Hauptmann, Kendall Scheurermann, Makayla Soileau, and Raven Daniels.

Taylor Fournier, Kristen Fayard and  Ashley Zitzmann

Thomas Malborough, Richard Sabatier and Shane Richard

Mrs. Drewes, LHS librarian

 Frank Plia, Jacob Vigh and Sean Ellington

Robbilyn Verges and Ehtan Leger

Chris Gonzalez and Matt Giangrosso