Friday, April 9, 2021

SSA Supporters in 1949

 This group of Catholic Church Clergy and Laymen were guests at a luncheon for persons interested in supporting and promoting a major expansion program for St. Scholastica Academy in Covington back in 1949, some seventy-two years ago.

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They are identified by number as follows:

1. Mayor Emile Menetre
2. Meredith Lyons
3. Dr. Henry Eugene Gautreaux
4. Pete Pravata
5. Louis J. Smith Sr.
6. Charles Morse
7. Lawrence Frederick
8. E.J. Fielding
9. Edward Alba
10. Bryan Burns
11. Theodore Dendinger
12. Brother Cassian (Principal at St. Paul's)
13. George Naquin
14. Guy Deano, Sr.
15. Emmett Hudson
16. Feltus Folkes
17. Louis Ross
18. Hebert Frederick
19. Fr. Stephen Muller, O.S.B., Pastor at St. Peter Church
20. Father O'Meara
21. James Burns
22. Abbot Columban Thuis, O.S.B.
23. His Excellency, Joseph F. Rummel, Archbishop of New Orleans
24. Father Henry Bezou, Superintendent of Catholic Education in New Orleans
25. Oliver Hebert
26. Father Maur Robira, O.S.B