Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cemetery Tour Held

A special field trip to Covington Cemetery No. 1 was hosted by the Covington Heritage Foundation Tuesday evening, October 24, with Jane Maher, a Covington Social Studies teacher, guiding a group of more than 50 persons to discover many of the interesting graves in the cemetery. 

The event helped local residents and guests experience a whole new way of learning about Covington’s unique and historical significance by pointing out some of the landmark tombs and graves at the site. Over many years as a teacher, she has shared this lesson on the cemetery with more than 1600 students during her time at St. Peter’s School and now many adults in special field trips. 

The field trip included hands-on information gathering, investigation of local funeral customs, and construction of a family tree. Some participants created gravestone rubbings. Covington Mayor Mike Cooper welcomed those in attendance, with CHF President Mark Johnson thanking everyone for coming out for this community spirited event. Alice Couvillon coordinated the program.

Here are some pictures. Just click on them to make them larger.

 Jane Maher, a retired Covington Social Studies teacher,who still conducts cemetery field trips because she enjoys helping people discover the history of the cemetery.

The History of Covington Cemetery No. 1 was published in 1988 by the St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce Auxiliary. Entitled "The Legends of Covington Cemetery No. 1: Covington, LA, 175th Anniversary 1813-1988" the 166-page book contains volumes of information about the cemetery and who is buried within. Click on the image below for several paragraphs from the beginning of the book:

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