Thursday, March 15, 2018

Genealogy and Martha Dutsch

Back in 1978, some 40 years ago, I tape recorded a number of interviews for a daily radio program on WARB. Here is a link to an audio recording of the interview I had with Covington area resident Martha Dutsch, who was an active genealogical researcher.

This was back in the days before the internet, when researching genealogy was a more strenuous activity, calling for a lot of visits to libraries, church archives, cemeteries and towns far away where people were doing similar genealogy work that might merge with your own family lines. Crawling over weed-covered gravesites in the backwoods of rural America was a given. At the very least, it involved walking through acres of old cemetery plots trying to read the weather-worn letters on the tombstones of people long gone.

St. Tammany is fortunate to have an strong interest in genealogy, and this is reflected in the resources and encouragement offered by the local library system, not only in microfilmed newspapers, printed family histories and a collection of city directories/phone books, but also online access to various genealogy information portals on the internet. 

To listen to what Martha Dutch has to say about genealogy in the late 1970's CLICK HERE.

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