Thursday, March 29, 2018

W. O. Ramos Famous for Gin Fizz

In 1937 W. O. Ramos died at his home in Covington at the age of 79. He first came to Covington in 1930. A few years earlier, in 1888, his brother Henry had invented the "gin fizz" drink in New Orleans, and W.O. "Otto" Ramos was the first person to drink one. 

They went on to work together on promoting the drink throughout New Orleans. Although it was a difficult and time-consuming drink to make, it became legend. Gov. Huey Long had a particular fondness for the cocktail, and it is rumored that he once flew a New Orleans bartender to New York to teach the bartenders there how to make the intoxicating beverage. 

  Click on the image below for for a New Orleans Item newspaper article transcript with all the details.

There is a Ramos Avenue in Claiborne Hill, located behind the shopping centers east of U.S. 190 Business. The St. Tammany Council on Aging Office is located on Ramos Avenue

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