Thursday, April 26, 2018

C.J. Schoen School Staff Reunion

A reunion of employees who had worked in the old C.J. Schoen school building in Covington over the years met on stage at the facility to pose for a picture, share memories and enjoy the dedication of the new C. J. Schoen Administrative Complex on May 3, 2007. Here is the group's picture from 11 years ago. It also includes a few students who attended the school. Click on the images to make them larger. 

The dedication of the C. J. Schoen Administrative Complex also brought together some former principals who served as administrators during the history of the building. Principals who came to see the results of the renovation of the building included, front row, left to right, Ralph Menetre, Roxanne Lagarde, Ronnie Pogue, and back row, left to right, Lawton McKee, Jack Loup, and Henri Ferrer. 

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