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Folsom Civic League

The charter of the Folsom Civic League was published in the Dec. 9, 1922, issue of the St. Tammany Farmer. 

 The Folsom Civic League, of Folsom, La., was incorporated on Oct. 16, 1922. The corporation was set to be a charitable institution, and its purpose was to promote charity and to foster the community spirit of the Town of Folsom, La. It's goals were to erect, construct and operate parks, playgrounds, public assembly halls, swimming pools, community club houses, and to do all things which were part of the conduct of a successful Civic League.

The group pledged to assist and encourage the advancement of the material prosperity and progress of the Town of Folsom, and to aid any and all charitable purposes conducted for the general welfare of the community. The Civic League was led by a managing committee, composed of six members appointed by the President, from the active members. The first Managing Committee consisted of J. W. York, president; J. D. McLain, first vice-president; H. N. Fendlason, second vice-president; P. M. Reed, secretary; Miss Barbara McGowan, treasurer, and I. W. Stevens as member ex-officio, whose first term of office expired on 20th day of September, 1923

The membership of the said Civic League was based upon a system of dues or contributions, with the first membership dues fixed at fifty ($0.50) cents for each member, per year.

The organization was officially created by Notary Public J. C. Cappel with Victor E. Flanche and M. A. Lancaster serving as witnesses. Persons present at the incorportion ceremony included J. W. York, J. D. McLain, D. H. Carroll, B. T. Spring, Mrs. J. D. Mc­Lain, P. M. Reed, Mrs. P. M. Reed, H. N. Fendlason, G. W. Varnado, I. W. Stevens, Mrs. I. W. Stevens, Mrs. J. W. York, Mrs. W. T. Wallis, Mrs. B. T. Spring, Gertrude Mandart, Bar­bara McGowan, N. P. Raider, Mrs. D. H. Carroll, Fred. R. Jonfes, M. D., Mrs. Thos. Gusman, Lena Moran, Mrs. M. Reed, Marshall Reed, Louise Verger, Belvia Core, Ellen Pittman, Mrs. H. N. Fendlason, W. E. Core, J. Y. Mapes, Mrs. J. Y. Mapes, Hilda McLain, all of Folsom, St. Tammany Parish, State of Louisiana. 

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