Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Covington Poem

Sometimes the only way to truly describe a place is in a poem, such as this one about Covington that was written by Pat Clanton and published in the 1982 edition of the Chamber of Commerce annual magazine. 

This Little Town Called Covington

Covington, I'm lucky to be among
The people who claim to be from This little town of Covington

Governors from Claiborne to Treen 

Agree that its just what it seems
A place where the pace is serene
This little town called Covington

The natives say "Its always been that way, 

Just kind of quiet and nice"
And when you think twice
We'd like to keep it that way!

We picnic under live oak trees
Catch the soft summer breeze
The scent of pine in the air and 

Friendly folks everywhere
What more could you need?

When all is said and done
There's no place under the sun
That I would rather be from
Than this little town called Covington

Patricia Clanton

1982 Chamber of Commerce Magazine

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