Sunday, August 9, 2020

Claiborne Place Makers Market

 Being creative is a three step process. First, think of something you can make; second, make it; and third, find a place to sell it so you can gauge public reaction and make more of them.

And the new Claiborne Place Makers Market near Covington is just that, a place that displays a wide variety of artwork, handicrafts, oils, lotions, and, of course, good things to eat.

A dozen or so vendors populate the market each Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and their number is growing as more people hear about the venture. It all started with a bonsai tree display a few months ago, and now has leathercrafts, woodworking puzzles, tie-dyed shirts (and facemasks), tamales, lemonade, and more.

Here are some photographs from this morning's offerings:

The market is located in the Claiborne Hill shopping center parking lot where the old Citizens Bank drive through is located, adjacent to the Harbor Freight Tools parking lot. It's open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Click on the images to make them larger.  

Breads, baked goods, and jewelry

Good things to eat
Raymond and Susan with Mi Bop's tamales and sausages. I had a good visit with him talking about tamales from the good old days, the various recipes and area preferences.
Hand-crafted soaps

Hawaiian Jerky
Lemonade and other refreshments
Hot sauce and other seasonings

Pickled pickles

Alligator Leathergoods, some with a picture inside of the alligator who made it possible

Jig-saw puzzle masterpieces by Craig

Tie-dyed masks, football team masks
Chef Mary prepares
From the '70's to the roaring 2020's

CBD oil and specially formulated products for a variety of purposes
Scott Crawford, the market manager, says it's been a growing thing and with all the traffic going by, it's growing even larger. "We've got a good location and we're getting everything together," he said. 

It started when his daughter suggested the new market locate in the Claiborne Hill parking lot. She was working for the owner of the location, so her dad and the owner got together and worked out the details.  Some of the vendors used to be part of the Abita Springs Farmers Market.

They put in an electrical connection, and future plans call for a night-time market on Saturday nights. He's hoping to get a big car show on Saturday nights, the kind they used to have in Covington. Plus a band or a DJ. "A place where people can relax and have a good time," he said. The parking lot is well lit already, so the Saturday evening event is moving forward. 

It will be an opportunity for folks to come out, enjoy the music and food, give them "something to do," and support local businesses at the same time. "People need to get out and enjoy life, support local businesses, sticking together instead of bickering over politics," he concluded.

A real plus for the location is its proximity to Tammany Trace bicycle trail. "We're pulling in people coming down the Trace, looking for something cool to drink and enjoying looking at all the stuff," he said. Crawford is even planning to put in a few picnic tables for cyclists and visitors.

Their Facebook page is and a new website is currently in production.

 Also of interest going on in the area are "food truck events," organized by the good folks at Creole Tomateaux down in Mandeville. Those would include birthday bashes, Baptisms, Graduations, Weddings, Showers, Anniversaries, Festivals, Reunions, Grand Openings, and special holiday celebrations.

Note: After I took the first few pictures of people with their masks on, I asked the rest of them to take their masks down for a few seconds while I took their pictures.