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1st Baptist Church Bulletin - 1938

 On February 13, 1938, the First Baptist Church of Covington published an "Anniversary Bulletin" with the following historical information:

"Our church was organized 34 years ago tomorrow (Valentine Day) Feb. 14, 1904. Today and tomorrow nite we are observing the same with a fine Homecoming Series of four services featuring Charter and former mem­bers today and tonite and former pastors (20 to date) Monday evening. You must not miss any of it. COME.

First pastor, Rev. E.H. Garner for 2 1/2 months. Charter members named in organization minutes: Lula Fussell, S.D. Bateman, Mrs. L.Casanover, Mrs. D.E. Wright, Mrs. S.A. Andress, also E.P. Singletary, D.I.    Addison, Mr. Hutchinson, and W. P. Minckler. Mr. Minckler, Clerk. Rev. E.H. Garner, elected Moderator.

First additions: J.D. McLain, Ella McLain, Eloise McLain, D.I.Addison, Mrs. Addison, Mrs. Dr-. Plgott. 

1st baptism, Hattie Davis. 1st Sunday School Supt, J.D. McLain. Trustees, D.I. Addison, J.D. McLain, Arthur I. Singletary, D.I. Addison, Jr. 

1st Deacons: Z.P. Dickey,J.B. Magee, J.H. Matthews (ordained Mar 29, 1908.)

Present lots ( 150 x 180 ) and the house bought in October or November 1906. 

James Magee, Trustee, 11/06. 1st service in new church house on March 10, 1907. 

55 in Sunday School. First text, Prov. 3:1-2. Pastor, Dr.J.E. Brakefield. 2 additions that morn. 

Church dedicated on April 21, 1907, with a three hour service. Dr. C.V. Edwards of N.O. preached. 

Cost of lots and house, $3000.00.    Total cost, both house-lots and remodeling, $3533.43.

July 1907, 42 members attended the first State Encampment down at Man­deville. Assn church letter (Nov 1906) says 53 additions, $2641.43 raised.

1st application to State Board for $650.00 annual help, Dec. 15, 1907. 

Last Sunday was best day we have had here in many weeks. Growing crowds, and offerings was better than in few months, over $41. Who said or thought it impossible? Fine 3:00 P.M. service down at the CCC Camp. Thank all for going and helping. 

Next Sunday at 3:00 up at Abita Springs School Auditorium. 4th Sunday 3:00 at Madisonville. We need more interest, more help. Join us. These mission services I Practice little what you advocate.

This morning pastor plans to give a sermon resume or sketch of this church these 34 years. Hear it I Want every present member present.

This P.M. at 2:15 - 4:15 Assn. S.S. Monthly Meeting here. Every S.S. in Parish expected. Several

Diplomas, both banners  to  be awarded. Miss Mildred Mixon of B.B.I. will award them. Missionary Berry will give our Devotional. Sec. C.M. Managhnn of La. College with slide pictures will be here. Also the 2 Chinese girls now in B. B.I. to be with us, sing in Chinese. Others coming. We rant this house packed. All high school Baptist seniors of parish invited.    Our own seniors will be our ushers. Let some of our folks bring chairs. Help get balcony ready before 2:15.

Pastor will be here on Wednesday night to conduct prayer meeting. Leave next morning early for the Denham Springs State S.S. Clinic. Come Wednesday night; go Thursday.

3 Committees to "COMMIT" : Prog: Mrs Rhodes,Bro Polk,Evelyn Baird ; Decoration: Mrs Collins, U.E. Mathis, Mrs Phillips ; Greet­ing: Mrs Reeves,Bro Walker,Mrs Hal] Get others, if need it. Thank you. We want to be at our best 2 days !

Every member bring your 34¢ or more (extra offg) this week-end.

Blue this time ; pink next issue. How do you like a double Bulletin ? Page 1 printed in New Orleans, and page 2 in Covington I Not so bad I

Bro Stagg says he's unable to come tomorrow night, but Bro. Eubanks is coming. Drs. Gwatkin, Sloan, Wingo also promised to come. Dr Brakefield may come. Others no reply, and few addresses unknown or unsecured till too late. Did you write to anyone?

The 250th student enrolled at B.B. I. last Friday (Bro Thompson from Florida). With 65 correspondence students, total enrollment is 315.

Attention :- "Members of W.M.U. and Y.W.A. will meet at the church Monday evening at 5:00 O'clock to study FRUITS OF THE YEARS with Mrs Hall teaching. Supper will be served with Mrs Cook and McCurley furnishing coffee, and Mrs. Merkel and Mrs. Hall the lemonade. All other, members are asked to bring a dozen sandwiches each".    

The Int. G.A. is also included with the YWA.

See and study a copy of the MAGNET and Homecoming Program (Feb 21-25)
of B.B.I.    The Magnet is resumed monthly paper issued by the students after missing few years. 

Pastorium Considered

For 34 years this church has had no PASTORIUM. Every other church in town has provided one.    Is not it high time that Covington Baptists arise and build a home ? To that end we are addressing ourselves in these four services, launching the effort and asking everyone to help begin the fund toward same by giving a liberal HEAVE OFFERING of 34 cents or more this week-end. Let's be 100%.

Bro. McLelland tells us that Enon new rock church is half erected by today, and that it will be almost debtless at completion.  He can be with us again in a June Revival if we'll set a date soon for him here. How about it ? All favor, say AYE.

Choir Requested

Choir form fully and promptly at each service this week-end, please. Let's have best singing possible. Our folks are urged to meet guests this morning, this afternoon, and tonight and tomorrow night. Help get every charter and former member out tonight. Want a very specially reserved place or group for the; Tomorrow night every former pastor and supply pastor together on stage.. Talk up the service tomorrow night. Begin the Song Service at 7:15 P.M.


Rev. E.H. Garner, called 2/14/04. 

Rev. R.W. Merrill supply 6/1/04. 

Rev. J.E. Brakefield, call 7/9/05. 

Rev. J.W. Mount, called 2/14/09. 

Rev. A. Finch, called on 1/16/10. 

Rev. L.W. Sloan, pastor 12 1/2 mon. 

Rev. D.W. Boone, called 2/15/14. 

Rev. Spurgeon Wingo, call, 10/4/14. 

Rev. H.A. Goering, call, 2/20/16. 

Rev. C.E. Reid, resigned 11/2/19.

Rev. Daffin, called 1/18/20. 

Rev. L.S. Evans, called 8/24/21.

Rev. J.E. Gwatkin, call, Oct/22. 

Rev. S.C. Rushing called, 1/11/23. 

Rev. S.W. Johnson, call, 10/29/23. 

Rev. S.C. Deen, supply, 11/26/24. 

Rev. B.C. Land, called, 1/18/25.

Rev. W.L. Stagg, called,    1925. 

Rev. S.C. Deen , supply awhile.

Rev. Dykes, called , 1932.

Rev. Seville,called, 1932. 

Rev. J.R. Eubanks,called, 23/33. 

Rev. M.M. Hall, called, 11/22/36

B.T.U. and Special Program tonight at 6:30. Let all Officers,Leaders, every member be out, be on time as need to start evening service early.

We extend sympathy to the Burns family in the loss of their father. Also to loved ones of Dr. Bulloch.

Are you going to Denham Springs on Thursday morning ? Want many cars as possible from St Tammany Assn. This afternoon we discuss details.

Let no one forget you Budget off­ering today, use your envelope, to help current expenses and Missions."

(Source material from the collection of Bertha Neff)


Aerial View of Covington First Baptist Church in 2020 (Source: Google Earth)